Amazing Pro-America Song: Tom MacDonald America Ranks #1 in Hip Hop


If you love America and you also love Rap Music, you will definitely enjoy this new song by Tom MacDonald America. If you haven’t heard of Tom MacDonald before, then you have been missing out. Tom has been making all sorts of waves in the music industry for producing decidedly “un-woke” and pro-America rap music. This particular song doesn’t disappoint, either.

In the song, “America” Tom specifically calls out the fact that there are many people in America today who appear to hate their own country. He points to the fact that it has become commonplace to do things like hate the police and kneel for the American flag. As he says it, “Our greatest enemy was always slavery and terrorists and now it’s people in the country trying to burn the heritage.”

Tom points out that if you don’t like the country, you are welcome to leave. This has been a common refrain from patriots who don’t see why people would want to stay in a country they hate so much. Part of this song is devoted to denouncing cancel culture and the current state of internet, most of which is controlled by big tech companies, who appear to only cater to leftist opinions are actively working to suppress the first amendment rights of conservatives and patriots.

Another thing that I like about Tom MacDonald America is that Tom points out that our freedoms are not free and that there have been tens of thousands of men and women who have died to protect our rights. He calls out the arrogance of people who would take that sacrifice for granted and focus only on the problems they see without considering any of the good aspects of our nation.

Tom MacDonald America Topping Charts

America was published on YouTube three days ago and already has almost 2.7 million views, is trending #2 on YouTube Music, charted at #1 in Hip-Hop and #2 in All Genres. As Tom states, “Loving America has become controversial. Hating America has become trendy. A big portion of the country has lost their way. Lets bring ’em back.”

Tom MacDonald America Hits #2 in All Genres on iTunes

Tom MacDonald America Ranks #2 in All Genres on iTunes
“America” is #2 in ALL genres!

The fact that a pro-America rap song can have that much interest is a testament to the fact that these music labels are specifically trying not to push a positive message. There’s clearly money to be made in producing rap music that isn’t about drugs, crime, murder, and hating police and the country. Tom MacDonald has proved it over and over again. He has multiple songs with more than 20 million views on YouTube, many of which are specifically tackling controversial issues that tend to outrage the woke mob.

Tom actually upsets a lot of people because, as an independent artist, he can sing what he wants to sing, about whatever topic he wants to take on and there is no label that people can complain to in order to get him cancelled. In fact, he wrote a song all about how he can’t be cancelled. It has more than 11.6 million views on YouTube. The opening lyrics to “Cancelled” are, “I can’t be cancelled there’s no way that you can stop me. Fully independent, there’s no label who can drop me.”

Tom MacDonald has a long list of songs that warrant inclusion on Parallel Economies. I’ll have to make sure to feature some of them in the future. For now, if you want to know more about Tom MacDonald, head over to his website You can buy his albums (he makes a killing selling CDs, actually) or pick up some fancy merch.


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