Patriot Mobile: Christian Conservative Wireless Service


Marketing themselves as America’s only Christian conservative wireless service provider, Patriot Mobile has long been a frequent advertiser among conservative talk shows. They specifically tout the fact that while big mobile service providers donate your money to causes that the left would approve of such as abortion, gun control, and other anti-American issues, Patriot Mobile donates a portion of the funds they earn from their customers to things like the sanctity of life, religious freedom, pro-Second Amendment organizations, Veterans and first responders.

Walking the talk

Judging by their social media updates, they certainly walk the talk. They have been hosting weekly Bible studies, led by Rafael Cruz, who is apparently Ted Cruz’s father, unless I am completely mistaken. They don’t actually mention who he is in the video description, but it appears to be Ted’s father which is pretty awesome. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

They have also been posting many updates about September 11th, and various charities they are trying to raise money for. So, just judging by the things that they prioritize enough to share with their followers / potential customers on social media, they are certainly not a “woke” company.


From what I can tell, Patriot Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which essentially means that they don’t actually own their own network, but rather purchase excess capacity at wholesale rates from one of the big wireless service providers. According to, Patriot Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network. I have had concerns in the past about a company branding itself as somehow different from the big wireless carriers, while also paying them for the use of their network, but honestly, it likely is not feasible for them to set up their own independent wireless network. Additionally, if some of your money has to go to one of the big mobile providers, at least it is at wholesale rates rather than full freight, and a portion of the difference will go to issues that you actually care about.


As of the time of this article, Patriot Mobile has earned a score of 5.0 from This is the highest vote you can receive from 2ndVote and indicates that on issues of concern to conservatives, Patriot Mobile earns very high marks. If you’d like to see exactly how 2ndVote rated Patriot Mobile on each of the issues it evaluates, you can become a subscriber by clicking here.

Final thoughts

While MVNOs do rely on big mobile carriers for access to mobile networks for their customers, they really are the best bet at the moment for reducing the amount of funds you contribute to these major carriers. Given their focus on issues we care about, the people they consort with, and their high rating from 2ndVote, Patriot Mobile is likely one of the best options for those looking for a mobile service that supports their values.

Frequently Asked Questions

What network does Patriot Mobile Use?

According to, Patriot Mobile Operates on the T-Mobile network.

Is Patriot Mobile a Conservative Cell Phone Provider?

According to their own website and, Patriot Mobile is a Conservative Cell Phone Provider.

Is Patriot Mobile a Conservative Cell Phone Company?

According to their own website and, Patriot Mobile is a Conservative Cell Phone Company.

Where can I find patriot cellular reviews?

You can find reviews of Patriot Mobile on


    • Cindy,

      Great question! I actually had never heard of Clear Cellular. I couldn’t tell you the extent to which it is or not legit. I will say that it certainly looks to be legit. And assuming that it is, it would appear that Clear Cellular does not actually have it’s own network. They are a MVNO running on the T-mobile or AT&T networks. It sounds like they are available on both, so that would actually be better than just operating on one network since you have more coverage options. I did find the following website that has a pretty extensive FAQ section: I hope that helps a bit. Thanks for visiting!

  1. I use patriot mobile. Love their service. Don’t call them on the weekend, they won’t answer. Which, even tho I’m a non Christian, I totally respect. Who wants to go to work on the weekend. It belongs to the family.

    I live in the boondocks, only a select few have service here. Patriot mobile is one of them.


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