1. I posted this as a supporter of Dan Bongino’s. “I like the idea behind Parallel Economy but very concerned about Jeffrey Wernick, an major AirBnB and Uber investor involvement. I quit AirBnB a few years back when after eight years of hosting five properties they asked for a copy of my passport to verify my identity and at the time they would accept nothing else. They amended their ID policy back in October 2020 to include other means of id, but the remaining scariest part is they retain copies of all ID’s FOREVER and they share it with Facebook and Google whether or not you have an account with either.” I simple want an answer and I cannot find whether or not my data will be shared and with whom. P.E. is asking for sensitive information, as do all other payment sites I use but found too late that the information I gave is being shared across joint owned/linked platforms, for example; Square to Facebook to Instagram. What kind of guarantee or assurance, if any, does Parallel Economy offer? Also if they seriously want to compete with the big guys they are going to have eliminate the monthly fee and early termination fee.

    • Terri,

      These are all great points! It would be great to get Dan Bongino to comment on if they share data with any other companies. Another good question would be how they secure the data they collect. If I hear Dan remark on either of those things (or any other related matter) I’ll update the article.

      Thank you so much for your feedback!

  2. I second those comments to the letter. Hopefully Dan will read the comments and address them. I’m also concerned as to what P.E. would be willing to turn over to the government if asked for client data and would it at least entertain a challenge to that kind of request from the feds.

    • Great questions, Nelson! I don’t know if Dan reads the comments section here, but if he ever does address those issues, I’ll be sure to update the article. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. I own a small retail store. I would definitely jump ship and use this for credit card transactions. But I need to know if and how it works with credit card readers, and if a card reader is available.

    • Kysa, great question! I just checked the FAQ, and it says the following about card readers:

      What equipment will I need?

      The Parallel Economy and our partners can provide a credit card processing terminal that is EMV and NFC capable to accept face to face and/or mobile payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. This terminal will work with our software to be able to process in person payments. You won’t need any additional hardware.

      Here’s a link to the FAQ:

      I hope this helps!

      • ND, not to rain on the parade but VISA, & possibly other credit cards, are starting to track people (e.g., gun purchases). It’s only a matter of time before these credit card companies start declining purchases. If we don’t come up with payment approaches that completely by-passes the banks, credit unions, & credit card companies, this isn’t going to end well.

        • I agree with you! Sadly, this article was written prior to all this special codes for gun purchases nonsense… Honestly, the only payment approach that bypasses all the entrenched powers is crypto. Specifically, Bitcoin. I can’t tell you what to do, but I don’t know of any other viable options. There’s one other viable cryptocurrency that I know of, and am rather interested in called Carbon12. https://carbon12.co/. It’s a cryptocurrency for Christians.

    • Bob,

      I’m sorry, but it appears that I didn’t get your initial question. We recently did a refresh to the website so that we could add a business directory. When the update went live, it may have overwritten your question. I’m terribly sorry for the confusion, but if you could ask the question one more time, I will definitely answer it for you.

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  6. I am a senior fraud investigator with one of the largest merchant processors in the world. Like so many other companies, it’s woke and their values don’t align with mine. I haven’t seen any kinds of job postings or links. Do they have a fraud department? Like Liam Neeson, I have a special set of skills in high demand and am looking to make a change.

    • Sorry for the delayed response. To answer your question, I am not entirely sure whether or not Dan Bongino’s company has a fraud department. However, I really hope that they do have one so that you can join them. If I were you, I would reach out to them via the contact form on their home page. Good luck!

        • Michelle, I understand that this is a bit confusing. I started this website, ParallelEconomies.com in October, 2021. I had been publishing articles for months by the time Dan Bongino announced the launch of his own website called ParallelEconomy.com. I wrote an article on my website, ParallelEconomies.com explaining the signup process for Dan Bongino’s new website, ParallelEconomy.com. We both have websites with very similar names. However, ParallelEconomy.com is a payment processing website owned by Dan Bongino, while mine is more of an informational website about the Parallel Economy in general, as well as a business directory and store, and is owned by me. I hope that helps clear things up a bit. Thank you very much for your question. God bless!

  7. Is Parallel Economies solely for businesses to send/receive payments?
    Or are there also accounts for individuals?
    (i.e., Can I create an account here and then go cancel my PayPal account?)

    • Great questions Matthew! Just a heads up, this website is not associated with Dan Bongino, although we are huge fans of his. As far as I know, Dan’s business (https://www.paralleleconomy.com/), is only for businesses and not for individuals.

      If I were you, I would reach out to them via the contact form on their home page for more information. You may also find their FAQ page useful (https://www.paralleleconomy.com/faq/). As for actual PayPal alternatives for individuals, my best suggestion is to get some crypto. Although it is not as widely accepted as other forms of payment at the moment, I believe that there will be a time relatively soon where wide adoption will eliminate the need for you to have a middleman like PayPal between your money and the vendor of the product or service you are trying to purchase. That may not help you in the short run, but I’d rather not have to put my trust in some third party that can decide who I can and cannot do business with and what I can or cannot purchase.

      If you do find a decent / non-woke alternative to PayPal for individuals, feel free to comment on here letting me know about it and I will try to review it and write an article about it. Good luck!

  8. i got the application and registration email and cannot figure out anywhere to go from here. There are no help tabs. I can’t find an app. I can even get a phone number. Seriously WTF

  9. I just signed up for this service for my business. I completed the process and it occurred much like the article outlines. My question is how long does it take for approval and follow up emails to establish the online log in etc.
    Thank you,

    • Candy, thanks for the question. Honestly, if I were you and I wanted to send money to a family member, I’d probably just use some form of cryptocurrency. I can send Bitcoin from my crypto wallet to anyone else’s crypto wallet in seconds without a single bank or third party being involved in the transaction. Also, more and more companies are starting to accept various forms of crypto as payment. I think that soon, cryptocurrencies will solve this particular problem for us. I have also been keeping an eye on a new cryptocurrency project called Carbon12 that is designed specifically for Christians. Check them out here: https://carbon12.co/

  10. How is PE implemented on a WordPress website?
    Is there an available store WordPress plugin which utilizes PE as a payment processor?

  11. A bit off topic but in the same arena… Does anyone know about signing up for the business directory on P.E.? I have signed my business up now 3 times and it still is not showing up in the directory. I do not agree with paying a monthly service fee for something I rarely get a call for however I have a business established way back in 1986 so I am definitely someone worth including in the directory. really starting to think Bongino is only in this for the money.

    • I am certainly not “Big Tech”. I think that the website you are trying to sign up for is https://paralleleconomy.com/. The website you are currently on is “paralleleconomIES.com”. It’s plural. I actually launched this website in October, 2021. I wrote this article on January 18, 2022, which is when I found out, along with the rest of the world, that Dan Bongino had launched a website with a domain name that was the singular form of my own. I understand it’s confusing, but I see no reason that I should shut my site down just because someone launched a different site with a similar name. I’m a huge Dan Bongino fan, and hopefully this article has helped some folks figure out how to sign up for his payment processing site, but if you are trying to sign up on THIS site, then you are mistaken. Please head over to ParallelEconomy.com if you are looking to join Dan’s payment processing service.

      God bless,


      • Noah,
        I do not see any of my posts here. I posted my various opinions on parallel economies.
        As a matter of fact I see other posts with similar concerns/questions/ideas.
        I saved all the screenshots of my comments in this site. I was hopping for a response.
        All of them had the ” your comment is awaiting moderation”. If you are going to start the “moderation” stuff a la Fakebook is not going to help in developing the “Parallel Economies”.
        I had questions and comments regarding “Parallel Economies”. >>>>Nothing else. If you do not have a response just say so. If I offended you or the spirit of your project, say so.
        On my way out, I’m taking another screenshot.

  12. Friends… I just read an email from this site and boy do I feel stupid. I think with the article referring to Dan Bongino for whatever reason I assumed this was his site. As I find out it is not. I will say I appreciate the opportunity to join this site and appreciate the follow up by the moderator of this site. I will definitely remain listed here and using this site for references if possible when I need items. As far as the payment processing, I cannot justify the monthly service charge as I do not do enough credit card business. I receive a no charge option through my quick books even though I am not happy with them I would be losing money at $20 per month.


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