Dr. Gotwoodz Creations Product Review

As some now know, I search for smaller, not well-known businesses working outside of the Matrix, and trust me, there are many! Once I find a few, I create a video and promote them. Not only that, I create the videos first, not letting the business owners know until the video is published.

Why do I do this?

Because I enjoy it. I am not an affiliate of any of the businesses I promote. I like the search for new products and the unique creations I find, and I expect nothing in return. There is no better feeling than bringing someone else joy simply by helping spread the word their business is out there. To me, that is payment enough.

Introducing Dr. Gotwoodz Creations

That being said, a few months ago, I promoted a small Veteran owned business called Dr. Gotwoodz Creations. Doc is a Woodturner and, in my opinion, a master at his craft. His creations include bowls, pepper mills, charcuterie boards, and more! Each piece is a custom, one-of-a-kind creation. Not necessarily because of the style, but because there are no two wood grains that are identical. Dark woods, light woods, and any others in between, you are likely to find them in one of Doc’s products.

After posting the video, Doc and his wife, Kim, reached out to me. They wanted to make a special, custom gift as a thank-you for giving Dr. Gotwoodz Creations a shout-out. I had no idea what they would be sending, but I was grateful nonetheless, just for the thought.


Black Cherry Pepper Mill Featured with Handmade Kitchen Towel by Kim

First let me say, Doc packages in a way that makes it almost impossible for your order to get damaged during shipping! I mean you would have to seriously be on a mission with the intent of destruction to accomplish that feat! Your product will come securely wrapped in a layer of plastic, with another layer of bubble wrap around that. Then it is cushioned in a box on top of more bubble wrap surrounded by packing peanuts. So, no worries there!

The Reveal

Black Cherry Pepper Mill

After the process of unraveling the packaging, what was revealed was absolutely stunning!

Doc and Kim sent me a beautiful pepper mill turned from stabilized Black Cherry so, (in Doc’s own words), “It lasts 4-Ev-Err!”, with a ceramic grinder. The natural pinks, oranges, and purples in the Black Cherry wood really stand out. (My photos don’t do it justice!) It is so pretty and well-made, it is currently a centerpiece on my kitchen table. I’ll use it eventually, but not yet! I currently prefer to just look at it for the time being.

“after the process of unraveling the packaging, what was revealed was absolutely stunning!”

Also included in the package was one of the highest-quality kitchen towels, made by Kim, I have ever seen! It is the type that hangs from the stove made with top-notch fabrics. They are a phenomenal team! I also would like to mention, since I’m all about customer service, a handwritten thank you card was front and center as soon as the box was opened. That final little touch that can make all the difference!

Review Video for Dr. Gotwoodz Creations

Collaborating | 2 Businesses, 1 Product

In my videos, I not only promote small businesses and the Buy American Movement, but I also speak of collaborating, working together, encouraging others, and so on. In my recent lurkings on Truth Social, I noticed another small business I promoted many months ago has teamed up a couple of times with Dr. Gotwoodz Creations. That business is JM Ultra Laser Engraving.

Josh, the owner of JM Ultra Laser Engraving, uses many mediums for his work including woods and metals. The collaboration between the two businesses has allowed them to take each of their crafts a little further for stunning, custom pieces you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

A Shout Out from Kash to JM Ultra

This is how it’s done! By working together, we build communities and create, not just a Parallel Economy, but a Parallel Society to be free from the Matrix once and for all!

Hey! If you would like to see more content like this and meet other patriots to collaborate with or find new inspiration, check out my Locals Community Random Mayhem Community (locals.com) or you can view my videos on Rumble Random Mayhem (rumble.com). Thanks!

-Random Mayhem


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