Seasoned Patriots

Honoring Our Military

When we think of Seasoned Patriots, we automatically think of our Vets and active-duty military. This is a good thing. In my opinion, they deserve our utmost honor and respect for choosing to put everyone else above themselves and taking on the highest role of what it means to Serve and Protect.

“when we think of seasoned patriots, we automatically think of our vets and ACTIVE-DUTY military.”

HOWEVER, while we continue to honor them, in this article, we’re going to talk about Seasoned Patriots of a different kind.

What could I possibly mean by that?

Well, when I first started my journey supporting the Small Business Community back in late August and early September (I can’t believe it’s only been 6 months! It seems like such a long time ago.), I began searching for every type of small business, crafter, etc., I could find. There are so many out there and even now, I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Every one of these businesses I find seems to ignite the patriotic spirit, light the entrepreneurial spark, and create an endless list of possibilities.

“every one of these businesses i find seems to ignite the patriotic spirit…”

I remember the first time I ran across a business called “My Daddy’s Seasoning.” Now, you may be thinking, “Can someone really have an entire business that consists of a few seasonings?” The answer is “Yes, they absolutely can!” And this is the story of how a Seasoned Patriot small business came to be.

Seasoned Patriots East Coast Comforts

Meet Kathie Dowding – Owner of “My Daddy’s Seasoning”

Kathie is a very proud, self-proclaimed military brat who grew up all over the world. Her father was a club manager while on active duty in the Air Force. Knowing his way around a kitchen, he won many awards while still serving his country using his version of a family recipe. A recipe Kathie grew up on and asked for many times over the years, to no avail.

Due to medical reasons, in 2010, Kathie decided to take a break from the corporate world to concentrate on her recovery. When it was time to get back into the game of the corporate matrix, Kathie’s father surprised her with that coveted recipe and a challenge. He told her to take the recipe and run with it! She accepted the challenge, and “My Daddy’s Seasoning” was born. A blend that enhances almost any main course or side dish.

“…kathie’s father surprised her with that coveted recipe and a challenge.”

But, she didn’t stop there! After modifying different versions based off of the original recipe, Kathie now has 6 very unique blends in her “My Daddy’s Seasoning” collection. If that isn’t a Seasoned Patriot, I don’t know what is!

My personal favorite is the “Simply Sweet.” Not only is it a great enhancement for different sweet treats, but I also tend to add a quick shake to my coffee before brewing to give it that extra SOMETHING. Now my son is a different story. He’s turning out to be quite the cook but prefers to add a little spice to just about everything he makes. I’m never surprised when I see him shaking in a little “Cajun Flare” or “Sweet Heat” to whatever new thing he’s throwing together in the kitchen. Known for our comfort foods on this side of the country, these blends are a perfect match!

Seasoned Patriots West Coast Cuisines

Meet Tony a.k.a. TonyandtheTravelingWineGlass – Owner of “The Traveler’s Dust”

Tony has spent years sampling the finest California wines and cuisine. His journey through the Central California coast led him to create a dry rub that truly captured the authentic “Santa Maria” flavors.

By procuring the finest spices available, Tony was able to create “The Traveler’s Dust”, a small, conservative Non-Woke company fed up with the Left Agenda. Made up of a father and son duo, they are trying to make a dent in the universe by providing patriots with the best dry rub on the planet. Made in the USA, his mission is to unite patriots with something extraordinary that brings everyone together: food!

“…his mission is to unite patriots with something exraordinary that brings everyone together: food!”

While I have personally never tried The Traveler’s Dust, I have seen nothing but rave reviews. Here is what a few people had to say on Truth Social:

"Good stuff Tony! The fam is loving it on everything!" @Melissa1960

"...smoked pulled pork, chicken wings, and beans made with the Travelers Dust. Added to the grilled veggies too, but they didn’t make the pic. All were amazing!!!" @MichaelLutz

"...grilled veggies too, but they didn’t make the pic. All were amazing!!! @MichaelLutz
Amazing products. I use them all. The original is a great glass topper for bourbon and just about anything you want to cook with!!! I love the double smoked own wings, well, and eggs. It’s good on just about anything also." @DogePaws

I would also like to make note that I see Tony in constant communication with his supporters on Truth Social. That means excellent customer service, in my opinion.

But wait! There’s More!

“The Traveler’s Dust” has Partnered Up with “Folds of Honor”

For every bottle of “The Folds of Honor: Special Edition” sold, $1 will go toward the education/scholarships for the families of the fallen.

Since its inception in 2007, “Folds of Honor” has awarded over 35,000 scholarships totaling more than $160 million. Honoring their sacrifice; Educating their Legacy.

As for Tony, it is an honor for him to partner up with “Folds of Honor” to help raise money for such an amazing cause. Although it’s a long way away, his goal is to reach $1M in contributions to help educate these families of the brave men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. 

Folds of Honor Mission

From East Coast to West Coast

So whether you’re in the mood for the Comforts of the East or the Cuisines of the West or anywhere in between, these Seasoned Patriots have something for everyone!

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-Random Mayhem