5 Important Things About Coign: Conservative Credit Card for the Parallel Economy


I was listening to the Glenn Beck podcast yesterday and was very excited to hear his guest Rob Collins, the founder of Coign, come on to talk about his new Credit Card. Beck introduced his guest after pointing out the many times now that he has discussed the topic of the Parallel Economy, which definitely perked my ears up, as you might expect. Then they kicked off the conversation about what they are calling the “Credit Card for Conservatives”. Below you’ll find 5 of the major takeaways about this Parallel Economy Credit Card and why you may want to consider it for your credit needs.

A percentage of each Coign purchase will be contributed to a conservative charity

There is no shortage of credit cards on the market, but do you know what types of causes those companies are funding with your money? It’s very likely that the types of causes your hard earned money is being spent on are the sorts that you’d absolutely not approve of. Do you want to help fund Planned Parenthood or shady Marxist organizations like BLM with each credit card purchase? If not, then you’re just the kind of person Coign was intended for.

Collins discussed the fact that the only charities that the purchases made with a Coign credit card will contribute to are Conservative charities. During the conversation, Beck brought up another company, Patriot Mobile, which has staked its claim as a Christian Conservative wireless provider. Similarly, Coign is solidifying itself as a Conservative Credit Card Company and vowing only to use your money to support causes that align with our values.

Coign Customers get to vote on which conservative charities their money supports

This was actually a very interesting aspect of Coign’s offering. According to Collins, not only is Coign going to only support Conservative charities, but they are going to allow their customers to actually vote on which charities to support. If you visit their Charity page right now, you’ll see that they have a voting countdown timer. Presumably, this timer represents either when voting will begin or when it will end. My understanding is that customers will be given a list of Conservative charities that their money can support, and when voting is finalized the winning charities will be selected and your funds will be applied to support the winners.

Coign Charity Voting Counter
Coign Charity Voting Countdown: https://www.coign.com/charity

In addition to being able to vote for your desired charities, you also get the opportunity to recommend charities that you think should be supported with your money. So, if you don’t see your favorite charity on the list of potential charities, then you can send them an email and ask them to consider it for the next round of voting.

Coign Does Not Have Any Foreign Investors

One thing that visitors of this site know well is that we support Made in the USA products. We also don’t like any foreign investors being able to hold sway over the operations of the companies we support with our dollars. Just look at Hollywood and you can see what foreign financial influence can do to an entire industry, let alone an individual organization. So that why it is quite comforting to know that Coign does not have any foreign investment.

Collins, stated that Coign’s investors are American Conservatives and true patriots who are willing to invest in Parallel Economy startups. According to their FAQ page, Coign’s investors are “American Conservatives who are all U.S. citizens and have supported and voted for our last 4 Republican presidents.”

Coign is a VISA credit card

There are both positives and negatives to the fact that Coign is a VISA credit card. On the positive side, you can rest easy knowing that this isn’t just some no name, fly-by-night credit company that won’t work at most vendors. This is a VISA card, much like the one you may currently have in your wallet or purse, so when you get the card, you know that it’s going to work for all your spending needs.

On the other hand, the fact that this is a VISA card, means that it is still tied to the types of entrenched power structures that dominate the market already and seem to always find ways of sticking it to Conservatives, and tend to support woke causes.

Beck actually brought up this issue during the show, pointing out the issues with ESG and how this card, being a VISA card, is still tied to the banking industry. However, I did like how Collins’ responded, “disrupting is hard. You can’t cede 50 years of control to the left and then say, ‘we’d like it back please'”. He makes an excellent point here.

You can apply this logic to the pioneers creating Parallel Economy alternatives on the web as well. There’s almost always a point along the chain where you can say that whatever new company is being built is in danger of being cancelled by some other company down the line. We saw exactly that, when Parler got kicked off of the app stores and the Internet.

One thing to keep in mind though is that if we never start building something new out of fear that it will get cancelled, by a bigger company that doesn’t share our values, then we’ll never succeed in building a Parallel Economy. Also, although it’s painful when a company gets shut down in this fashion, it only serves to highlight yet another opportunity for a potential Parallel Economy business.

Case in point, after Amazon kicked Parler off of it’s AWS cloud hosting platform, Rumble saw this as an opportunity to provide a free speech cloud platform and partnered with TRUTH Social migrating their service to the Rumble cloud infrastructure. Additionally, they recently announced that they are opening up their Rumble Cloud to all users in 2023.

The key takeaway is that without pioneers like Parler, TRUTH Social, and now Coign who are willing to take these risks, we will never fully develop the foundation that our Parallel Economy needs to thrive and expand. So, is it a risk to build a business like this on the back of VISA, yes. However, is it a necessary risk at this moment, I believe it is.

Coign has a waiting list

To all my TRUTH Social brethren who literally just got released from the waiting list, I bring you sad tidings. Unfortunately, if you’d like to get this amazing Conservative Credit Card in your wallet or purse, you’re going to have to hop right back on a waiting list. I’m willing to cut them a little slack here, considering that the company just launched a few days ago.

Coign waiting list
Coign waiting list

I went ahead and submitted my information and my current place in line is #10,430. If I were you, I’d recommend hopping on this train early. All you have to submit is your name and email address (and phone number if you choose) to secure your place in line. Even if you end up not getting the card, why not spend the 1 minute necessary to submit your info and get in the line? It really is that easy. Click here to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coign?

Coign is a Conservative Credit Card that donates a portion of your purchase to Conservative Charities.

How are Coign charities selected?

Coign customers get to vote on charities and can recommend ones that they prefer.


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  1. But will Visa still get access to coign’s client information, if they buy something like a firearm?
    Or will Coign keep all of it’s sales transaction information private?


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