The Buy American Movement

As most know, I am a huge supporter of small businesses. That being said, it has come to my realization that, in order to break free from the matrix, it is extremely vital to seek out American-Made manufacturers, as well, when looking for particular items.

“…in order to break free from the matrix, it is extremely vital to seek out American-made manufacturers…”

When you buy American-Made it not only supports our local economies, but it’s also a more eco-friendly purchase since the goods don’t have to be shipped from overseas. Another factor to take into account is the materials used in American-Made products. Keep in mind the high industrial and manufacturing standards in the U.S. that aren’t as strict in other countries.

So, what brought me to this realization?

In my recent search for small businesses, I ran across the “Buy American Movement” on Truth Social which led me to their website, BuyDirectUSA.

As shown in the attached video below, on the BuyDirectUSA website, there is a decent amount of Made in the USA manufacturers listed with, what looks like, quite a bit of room for many more! This site also has several very informative articles on a wide range of American-Made topics. I would highly recommend checking them out!

The Buy American Movement

2 Things to Look for When Buying American-Made

Local Manufacturers

Because the number of U.S. manufacturers has significantly reduced over time, it has become more difficult to find them. However, in more recent years, people are coming to understand the importance of supporting and boosting their own economies.

One of the most compelling reasons to buy American-Made is to support locally. For one, it cuts down on transportation costs and pollution associated with the transport of materials and finished goods since the U.S. is such a big country. Another reason is it’s a way to support your local community of craftsmen and businesses. Strive to prioritize manufacturers who use locally sourced materials whenever possible.



If your goal is to buy American-Made, be sure to do your research and check labels, website credentials, and the history of the company for any disclosures. This will ensure that the products you are buying are fully made in the U.S. Whether you’re buying from a legacy manufacturer or an innovative new company, do your due diligence.

Don’t rely on marketing materials that may gloss over the facts.

For example, North Carolina has long been considered the furniture capital of the U.S., however many of its companies have taken their operations overseas. Be sure to read the fine print!

Quality and Cost of American-Made

When buying American-Made, keep in mind you are buying quality. Locally based companies with local materials may, and probably will, cost more than big box stores.


One way to mitigate the cost of handcrafted products in an age of mass production is to look for companies that use a direct-to-consumer model. They are not subject to retail markups because they cut out the middleman. Also, in a world where mass-produced products are designed to break within a couple of years, look for manufacturers who use quality materials to make goods that are designed to last. With proper care, they can last a lifetime and more!

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