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As Dan Bongino, Daniel Horowitz and others are saying, we need to develop platforms that are not controlled by people who don’t support conservative values and wish to silence conservative voices. At Parallel Economies, our goal is to highlight businesses that value our rights and others that stand as alternatives to the massive big tech companies.

I've been committed to putting my money where my mouth is for a long time and building a parallel economy for you where you can escape leftist censorship.

Dan Bongino

Radio / TV / Podcast Host

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Join Dan Bongino’s In 10 Minutes or Less

Step-by-Step instructions to join, Dan Bongino's new Censorship-Free Payment Processing Service in 10 minutes or less.

270 Doctors Tell Spotify To Censor Joe Rogan – Will They Do It?

In an open letter to Spotify, 270 Doctors, scientists, and others called on Spotify to censor Joe Rogan. Rogan has an exclusive contract with...
Marjorie Taylor Greene Twitter Ban

5 Reasons The Marjorie Taylor Greene Twitter Ban Is Great News For The Parallel...

The Marjorie Taylor Greene Twitter ban might seem like a bad thing, but here are 5 reasons why this is actually great news for the Parallel Economy.

Mastercard Pressured Not To Process Gun-related Transactions

Mastercard is now being pressured not to process transactions for gun-related purchases by the state of Rhode Island.
GiveSendGo Free Christian Crowdfunding Site

GiveSendGo: The #1 Free Christian Crowdfunding Site

GiveSendGo is a free Christian crowdfunding site that allows you to create a fundraising campaign without worrying about censorship.

The de-civilization leftists are using medical and racial tyranny to destroy our lives. This will not end well unless we find a way to create a parallel society and economy on our own.

Daniel Horowitz

Senior Editor of TheBlaze & Host of the Conservative Review Podcast

We need to really build a parallel economy, quickly. We need to begin to do business with one another.

Glenn Beck

Media Personality, Author, Co-Founder of Blaze Media & Host of The Glenn Beck Program

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