Why Are Conservatives Using Squarespace? 4 Critical Reasons To Avoid It

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There are many Conservatives using Squarespace to host their business websites. Do they know their money is being spent to attack their values?

BANNED, DE-PLATFORMED, CENSORED. Many conservatives, freedom fighters or just logical thinking individuals, have found themselves kicked off big tech platforms for not agreeing with group think. Over the past 2 years, freedom loving Americans have now become more aware of the brands that are against them. Brands that are willing to sacrifice profit for the sake of virtue signaling. Brands that could care less about you or your valued way of life. These brands have made their positions very clear to everyone.

With all these woke companies showing their true colors, it’s amazing to see freedom loving businesses continue to use their services! We’ve given these companies the power to suppress us, by supporting them with our own money. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We can’t expect these companies to stop suppressing our freedoms, if we continue to pay them for it!

I have seen a lot of conservative business owners who have built their websites on Squarespace. I’ve asked myself, “Why are Conservatives using Squarespace?” I understand that Squarespace is simple, quick and allows you to get your business online without much effort. But my question to you is this. Do you know what your $20-$70/month supports?

Why are Conservatives Using Squarespace? Table of Contents


Your monthly support to Squarespace helps them continue to censor independent voices. During the peak of the Covid deception in 2020, Squarespace exercised its power to censor America’s Frontline Doctors. A group of physicians that were sharing information about effective treatment of Covid with hydroxychloroquine. Squarespace removed the doctors’ website from their platform, claiming that the information they posted was false and fraudulent.

Conservatives Using SquareSpace
Screenshot from article discussing Squarespace’s censorship. Credit: Centipede Nation

A website host claiming to know more about medicine than trained physicians? That just doesn’t sit right. But that’s the type of censorship that your dollars go to support when you use their service. There’ll come a point where what your business is selling becomes unacceptable to them and their associates. Can you handle your business website being de-platformed for wrong messaging? Conservatives using Squarespace are at significant risk of losing all of their hard work with no warning.

Woke Initiatives

Conservatives using Squarespace should consider that the other thing that your money supports, is all of their woke initiatives. Squarespace greatly values the woke diversity and inclusion messaging. On their website, they list some of the benefits that they provide as a part of their D&I initiatives. Benefits include:

  • Coverage for gender reassignment services and procedures for employees.
  • Company match for employee donations to social justice groups.

Outside of their employee benefits, Squarespace also has a stand proud campaign, made to highlight and edify LGBTQ content and creators. Whenever you give a dollar to Squarespace, you’re helping them with funds to continue these woke initiatives.

Conservatives Using Squarespace Employee Resource Groups
Woke Employee Resource Groups at Squarespace

Is it Really Worth It?

As a private company, Squarespace is free to endorse whatever mission they want. We as conservatives, are also free to not spend our money with a company that doesn’t match our values. Squarespace isn’t the only solution when it comes to getting your business online. You may view it as a cheap & quick solution, but at the end of the day you’ll be paying more than you think. Conservatives using Squarespace are actually working against their own values in many ways.

Long Term Loss vs Short Term Gain

It may seem like you’re saving a lot of money by going with Squarespace, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you view your business as a long term business, Squarespace becomes expensive very quickly.

For example, if you choose to go with their best plan (The advanced commerce plan) you’ll be paying $65/month or $588 annually. If you plan on staying in business for at least 5 years, that’s $3,900 (if paying the monthly plan) or $2,940 (if paying annually) over those 5 years. That’s a lot of profit going out the door and supporting causes that you don’t agree with.

Compare that to using a freedom loving, pro America web developer like Shot City Media. One of our featured businesses on the Parallel Economies Directory. You can get a personalized E-Commerce website built for a one time payment of  around $650-$1,000. You get a website that’s built on your own platform without fear of censorship or supporting brands that hate you.

That’s a savings of $2,290-$2,900 over 5 years! When I see conservatives using Squarespace I want to ask them, “How much could you do with an extra $3,000 in your business!?”

So as freedom loving Americans, lets start talking with our money. Instead of just funneling our hard earned dollars to woke brands, lets support companies that support us. You can find a growing list of awesome pro freedom and pro America companies on the Parallel Economies Business Directory and also many other ones on Gab as well.


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