Parallel Economy

I will assume you’ve been hearing a lot about something called the parallel economy or you wouldn’t be right here, right now, reading this. And yet, while you may have heard of it, you may be here wondering exactly what it is and what it means.

Well, allow me to sum it up for you and give you a few examples along the way… -Let’s get into it!

The Parallel Economy

Origins of the Term “Parallel Economy”

Originally, the term “parallel economy” was used to describe black markets or unaccounted money that throws a wrench in regional economies by causing a huge loss in their government’s tax revenues. Many governments try to curb this because the more we take away from their piggy bank, the less power they have over us. And as we know, being the greedy sociopaths they are, their goal is to maintain power and control over as much of the population as they can, for as long as they can.

However, the parallel economy we’re referring to started out as something entirely different…

Big Tech & The ESG Principles

“the ESG Principles is an investment strategy that has 3 parts”

In the beginning, our version of the parallel economy simply referred to new technologies and social media platforms such as Gettr, Parler or Truth Social, that value free speech and other conservative values. They gained in popularity among conservatives due to big tech suspending and removing patriot accounts to “silence us”. 

On top of that, many companies decided it would be a great idea to push and promote “ESG Principles.” For those that don’t know, the ESG Principles is an investment strategy that has 3 parts:

  • The E stands for environmental factors. It includes the energy a company uses and the waste it produces. The company must also consider the human impact its energy use has, including carbon emissions and climate change.
  • The S is for social criteria and includes labor relations, management/employee diversity, and inclusion efforts.
  • The G is for governance or the procedures and controls that your company uses to meet legal and ethical standards while benefiting your shareholders.

Invariably, adherence to the standards of ESG essentially requires that a company incorporate entirely left-wing political ideologies into every one of their business processes. This has led to companies prioritizing cultural agendas over products and quality of service. Since most people are driven by their values and belief systems, these companies have alienated a huge portion of their consumer base by placing their focus on pushing ESG protocols.

Hello! Can you say New World Order anyone?

Funny how YouTube adds a disclaimer to the United States President’s speech indicating that it’s just a conspiracy theory…

So, where do those disenfranchised consumers go?

Being the little rebels we are, consumers are adopting the idea of parallel economies because it aligns with their conservative values and the way they envision their world moving forward. What started as creating new social media platforms for conservative voices and moving toward new eCommerce payment systems, such as Align Pay,, and other technology services is expanding to include every aspect of the small business community as well. It differs from traditional innovation because consumers aren’t simply transitioning away from services or products, they are in many cases creating their own products and services or finding businesses that align with their cultural values and beliefs.

(Two examples of small businesses included in the parallel economy would be The GOAT Farm and Patriot Candle Co.)

The Parallel Way

While the growth of the parallel economy started as a reactive solution to push back against big tech, people have woken up to the agendas of “The Powers that Be”. More and more we see people turning their backs on living the way we’ve been forced into believing was the only way. We have become proactive in returning to our culture, to the importance of community building through building and supporting small businesses, incorporating new ways to use technologies, and most importantly, embracing “The Parallel Way”.  


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