What is the Patriotic Coffee Championship?

The Patriotic Coffee Championship is a competition between flavors from multiple Pro-America Coffee Companies. We set up a Sweet 16 Championship comparing two flavors from each company to see who will win.

Don't buy your coffee from companies that hate you...

Do you know what "causes" your current coffee company supports? We're highlighting only coffee companies that are Pro-America.

Season 1 / Game 1

Blackout Coffee Co.


Blackout Coffee Co.


Season 1 / Game 1 winner

Blackout Coffee Co.

Bold and aromatic dark roast coffee blend, with a dark chocolate & honey lemon finish. Brew it as drip, pour over, french press or even espresso. Get it in ground or whole bean to grind it to your preference.

1776 Dark Roast

>>> Winner Advances

1776 Dark Roast Advances

Blackout Coffee Co. 1776 Dark Roast advances to take on the winner between Morning Reaper and Brewtal Awakening.

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