For those of you who don’t know, I create videos highlighting small businesses that may be unknown to the general public. In one of my more recent searches, I stumbled upon a business called, “Little Crew Studios.”

“Little Crew Studios is a “filmmaking family committed to producing action/adventure films with a Christ-centered message that the whole family will enjoy”

A Family’s Journey into Independent Filmmaking

In 2008, the Steege family decided they needed a drastic lifestyle change. Dad worked long hours and his job required him to travel often. They decided he was missing too much time from home and prayed for a door to open for something they could do together with their fast-growing family. Knowing they enjoyed making home movies for the grandparents, the Steege family decided to take a leap of faith. It was all or nothing. With a deep breath, they jumped in with both feet and Dad quit his job so they could become full-time filmmakers with their children as the cast.

You can follow the Steege’s journey in more detail on their website where they journal different stages, from hardships and setbacks to achievements and success stories, of what it takes to become independent filmmakers.

If you think you need Hollywood to create great films, think again!

With a unique genre and their first attempt at filmmaking, they were unsure how their first movie, The Runner from Ravenshead, would be received. Not only was it received with great enthusiasm, but it also won the Audience Choice Award, Runner-Up for Best Feature, and Runner-Up for Best of Festival at the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

Their second film, The Defense of New Haven, went on to win the Best Feature, Best Film Score, and Audience Choice Award at the Christian Worldview Festival in 2016.

Behind the Scenes with “Little Crew Studios”

The Steege family recently released their newest film, Return to New Haven, and they have now been independent filmmakers for a little over 14 years. It is their hope that their films, “provide your family with not just fun movie nights but spark meaningful conversations about God and His Word.”

To learn more about the Steege family and to purchase their movies, visit the “Little Crew Studios” website at

“provide your family with not just fun movie nights but spark meaningful conversations about God and His Word.” 

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