Explosive Rippaverse Debut Highlights Demand For Parallel Economy Entertainment Content


It’s been a wild week since the launch of Eric July’s Rippaverse and I’ve been so happy to watch it meet with such unprecedented success. The new comic with all new characters outperformed all of its detractors’ expectations bringing in nearly $1 million in sales in the very first day and showing no signs of stopping.

Eric July touts the massive success of the Rippaverse campaign launch.

The Rippaverse Has Been A Long Time Coming

Anyone who regularly watches July’s YouTube channel can tell you that this comic launch has been in the works for a long time. What I didn’t know until recently was that he had actually teamed up with another great veteran comic creator that I have been following, Gabriel Eltaeb, a former DC Comics artist who is crowdfunding his own comic called Truth. Justice. American Way (TJAW). What’s different, however, in the way these two comics are being launched is that TJAW is being launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, while ISOM (the first story in the Rippaverse universe) was actually created in whole prior to its launch.

Rippaverse is not crowdfunded

The campaign page for ISOM looks very much like a crowdfunding campaign. In fact, if you were to look at the campaign page for ISOM, you’d see that it has campaign goals and stretch goals just like any you would expect to see on a crowdfunding site. However, July had to clarify in a recent video that this is definitely not a crowdfunded effort. The book is already created. The supporting products are already made. These orders are about to ship.

Time stamp 5:38, Eric July points out that this is definitely not crowdfunded.

Rippaverse Is Not Woke

One of the basic premises of the Rippaverse comic series is that it is not going to be ruined by the unnecessary implementation of woke political ideologies. Instead, the intent is to do something that didn’t used to be controversial; namely, give the readers an amazing super hero story. That’s it. Fairly simple.

As Gabe Eltaeb mentioned in reference to his decision to leave DC Comics and create his own comic book universe as well as partner up with Mr. July to create the Rippaverse, the infiltration of traditional comics with woke ideologies was one of the reasons that he decided to branch out on his own. As we have seen in movies, TV, sports and other previously enjoyable pastimes, wokeness has become entrenched in most of the entertainment that Americans used to enjoy. As Eltaeb puts it, “Woke is anathema to creativity.”

I can’t help but agree with him, considering that we are constantly seeing people being forced to apologize for offending the woke mob on social media, as recently happened to a Marvel Comics writer for the character Miles Morales. Accused of using “racial stereotypes,” the writer had to apologize and genuflect to the rage mob for his grave offense. Additionally, we are frequently seeing examples of woke themes being shoehorned into traditional comics like Batman as is depicted in this panel from “I am Batman” issue 11.

I am Batman - Issue 11
Recent issue of DC Comics’ Batman, “I Am Batman”.

“Woke is anathema to creativity.”

Gabriel Eltaeb

Rippaverse Joins Other Great Parallel Economy Entertainment Alternatives

Eric July’s Rippaverse joins a growing library of Parallel Economy alternatives in the entertainment space. What July and Eltaeb are doing in the comics space, the Daily Wire has been doing in the area of movies and documentaries. Indeed, they just announced their intention to spend $100 million on non-woke content for children. You know, the sort of thing we used to just call cartoons. Much like with comics, content that doesn’t include odd gender discussions and elitist liberal talking points is now the exception rather than the norm. This comes as no surprise, especially considering how traditional children’s entertainment juggernauts like Disney have been working steadily to insert queerness into kids’ content.

The Parallel Economy has even made inroads in hip hop / rap culture with artists such as Tom MacDonald creating rap music that is actually pro-America. We’ve also seen rap artist Bryson Gray making openly pro-Christian music. Additionally, a few months ago we actually saw a the pro-Second Amendment song, Rittenhouse, from Tyson James hit the top of the charts.

Eric July Has Been Promoting The Parallel Economy For Months

I didn’t know who Eric July was until I saw one of his videos talking about the Parallel Economy. Obviously, I follow this topic rather closely, so when I saw his video, I immediately watched it and was thoroughly impressed by his take on the concept. In what has proven to be so accurate that it was almost prophetic, July’s video points out that we actually have more power than we give ourselves credit for, but that we just have to be more discerning about where we spend our money and who benefits from it.

July highlights the fact that we can build parallel economy alternatives to the current power structures in the entertainment space and in other areas of life, the purpose of which would be to fill the same or a similar role to that which is already in place. The difference being, the alternatives in the parallel economy are created by people who don’t hate you and your values.

He also rightly points out that the individuals creating content for the current woke options don’t even realize how reliant they are on the money they get from the people they hate so much. They are going to really start feeling it when we choose to start spending our money on parallel economy alternatives like the Rippaverse rather than their woke maladaptations of once-beloved comics.

They will try to delegitimize and actively work against parallel economy alternatives

Another thing that July points out, again quite prophetically, is that the powers that be will try to delegitimize any parallel economy upstarts because they don’t want them to succeed. Sadly, this is exactly what happened with ISOM. Following the launch of his new comic in the Rippaverse series, Eric July became the subject of numerous insults and slurs the likes of which I will not repeat in this article.

Where they aren’t belittling and delegitimizing, they will actively work against you as well. This also happened in the case of the Rippaverse launch. As July highlighted in a recent video, the moderators on the subreddit /r/comicbooks (which has more than 2.5 million members) has been removing posts about the Rippaverse comic and permanently banning people for posting about it. Seems pretty unfair to not allow discussion of a new comic book on one of the largest public comic book forums in the world, but this only highlights the need to supplant yet another power structure; in this case, reddit, but we can discuss that in another article.

Rippaverse Is A Threat Because They Can’t Stop It

Rippaverse Revenue
Rippaverse has earned more than $2,500,000 since it’s launch.

Despite the delegitimization, belittling and even banning of discussion about Rippaverse on public forums, the fact is the haters have proven themselves utterly incapable of stopping the Rippaverse launch. At just over 1 week into the launch campaign for ISOM, the comic has earned more than 2.5 million dollars with 68 days left to go in the campaign. No matter what filthy tricks or fouls slurs they tried to use against the comic and its creators, it didn’t work. This is because people are hungry for quality content from creators who don’t hate them.

The haters can’t stand when content like this succeeds because every time that it does, the parallel economy grows a little stronger. They lose a bit more control over the minds of Americans and have a little less influence over the content they consume. There’s a pent up demand for parallel economy content out there and the Rippaverse’s massive success in the face of adversity has shined a light directly on it. They’re realizing that they can’t stop us, and we are going to win! Congratulations Eric, Gabe and team Rippaverse!


  1. dudes…we won’t get far until we create our own parallel CURRENCY.
    In case you haven’t noticed: Cash (and most other national currencies)is being deliberately crashed . This was PLANNED, well over 6 years ago, in order for the socialist government globalists to transfer our middle class wealth into their pockets (wiping out our pensions and savings) through massive inflation and income & property tax increases, all which they’ll get through a DIGITAL currency they’ll create to replace all cash with.
    Communist China’s 5g “social credit” system is what the Biden/ Trudeau /Macron World Economic Forum frontmen want here: total control of ALL financial transactions to enslave us


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