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Blackout Coffee – Earl Grey Creme Tea By Up Leaf Tea


Be delighted with the taste of Bergamot!

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Be delighted with the taste of Bergamot!
Traditional Earl Grey tea is well famous among Europeans and UP LEAF TEA brings you, Earl Grey Creme Tea, with the fantastic taste of vanilla cream which used to soften the citrus notes of traditional earl grey taste. A full-bodied and malty black tea with bergamot, vanilla, and cream flavors brings sweet and floral taste creating an excellent mouthfeel.

Mainly Earl Grey tea is described as a good natural remedy for digestion issues. It aids in the digestion process giving relief from indigestion and nausea. Earl Grey has also been known for its unique calming effect and it boosts the person’s mood.

Experience a healthy cup of tea, ultimate freshness, and elegant flavor with UP LEAF EARL GREY CREME TEA!

Steeping Directions:
Steep the tea at 190-210°F for 3-5 minutes to bring out the best flavor profile.

Package Size:
3 oz (makes approximately 30-40 cups of tea)

Blend of Black Tea, Orange, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Bergamot Flavor & Natural Creme Flavor.

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