Parler: The Free Speech Network & Big Tech’s 1st Victim

Parler: The Free Speech Network

When I think of Parallel Economies, the first thing that comes to mind for me is Parler. Once the darling of conservative social networks, it was brought to its knees following the so-called January 6th, “insurrection.” One by one, the liberal-loving big tech companies deplatformed Paler, leaving its millions of users without a voice.

I actually remember the night when they flipped the switch on Parler. I got to say goodnight to my twenty five thousand or so followers and then the lights went out. That’s all she wrote for Parler for quite a while. It was as if the network never existed. All those connections we made, snuffed out in one evening.

Making a Comeback

Eventually, Parler was able to come back online, though it was running poorly and a relative ghost town, compared to what it had once been. Its apps had been removed from the iOS and Google app stores and most people didn’t really know it was back online. It was also quite buggy, and generally didn’t work most of the time. However, the team at Parler didn’t give up. They kept improving the platform and slowly people started to trickle back onto the network.

Despite all the issues it has had, I have stuck with Parler because I refuse to let these leftists dictate what platforms I can and cannot use. I want to see Parler succeed, specifically because these tech giants did their best to kill it off. So, I still use the network. I still post updates (Parleys) there and interact. I have noticed that lately I have been getting a bit more echos (an echo is Parler’s version of a retweet or share) and upvotes than before. Engagement is coming back and I couldn’t be happier. If you’d like to follow me on Parler, I am @Sanctuarycounties.

2nd Vote

At the time of this article, Parler had been given a score of 3.08 out of 5 by This is not the highest score I’ve seen, but certainly isn’t the worst either. I do wonder whether the changeup in Parler’s leadership team has been reflected in this score. If you’d like to see exactly how 2ndVote rated Parler on each of the issues it evaluates, you can become a subscriber by clicking here.


I find it only fitting that Parler is the first business that I feature here on It is the first business and the first social network that I can ever recall being introduced to me by one of my favorite talk show hosts, Dan Bongino as something that was a part of what he referred to as a “Parallel Economy”. Actually, Dan’s introduction of Parler, and its subsequent rise and fall were the inspiration for this website. Dan actually made me understand just how important it is for us to build our own economies in the area of social media, information, payment processing, typical commerce, etc.

Perfect Example

To me, Parler represents the perfect example of why we need parallel economies. Where we once thought that a single economy would work for everyone and that all were welcome to participate; we have since learned that the companies we helped build with our ad clicks, searches and user data have completely turned against us. We can no longer rely on the Facebooks, Twitters and Amazons of the world. We need our own social networks and payment processors, our own email marketing services and cloud hosting providers. In short, we can no longer rely on a single economy; we need parallel economies.

Deeper Dive Coming Soon

This is my first article on this website, so I wanted to spend a bit of time with some background information, but I really want to do a deeper dive into the Parler website in the future. It is my goal to do a full review of Parler in the near future. If you are looking for a review of the platform, please come back and visit the site soon. I’ll make sure to link to it here so you won’t miss it.

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