BREAKING – Parler Employee Makes Mistake! Cc’s VIP Users Instead Of BCc’ing Them!

A Parler employee makes the mistake of carbon copying a large list of VIP users rather than blind carbon copying them. Somehow this is news.

Parler Employee Makes Mistake

Parler employee makes mistake! Daily Dot has the story!

OK, this is likely to be the only time that I share a link to an article on Daily Dot, but I figured I’d share it since I am one of the people they referenced in their non-story… lol… They didn’t name me specifically, but I was one of the people on the email list. Yes, Parler goofed and accidentally copied a few hundred VIPs, including Yours Truly. 😀😀 For anyone that works at a large organization, you will likely recognize this as the sort of accident that happens a few times a year when someone accidentally copies an entire mailing list instead of Bcc’ing them. Whatever, it’s lame, we move on with our lives.

Apparently, though, the Daily Dot thought this was worthy of a story. They emailed me to get my opinion, but I ignored the email, mostly because it’s effectively reporting that someone on the Outreach team made a mistake when sending an email. It’s not worthy of a response. Had there been credit card data, social security numbers and home addresses included, then perhaps I would have been more interested, but since that wasn’t the case, I didn’t bother responding.

From a quick glance through the individuals copied in the email, I noticed that the list included folks from Timcast, Project Veritas, Infowars, various government offices, Lou Dobbs, Brietbart, Daily Wire, The Quartering, FreedomWorks, etc, etc. Basically all the people you’d expect to see on a Parler VIP list were, in fact, on the Parler VIP list. A couple people were upset, while others (like myself) thought it was all a happy accident.

All in all, it was just a mistake. They apologized for it. We moved on with our lives. Not sure why this rose to the level needing to publish an article about it, but my assumption is that the Daily Dot just saw this as a good opportunity to poke fun at Parler. There was a silver lining to all of this, though. For a few hours, those of us who were copied on the email had a bit of fun chit chatting with each other. It got old after too long, but was nice for a bit. Also, a lot of big names just got signed up for my newsletter, so that’s nice, too! (just kidding) Anyway, you can check out the article on Daily Dot at the link above if you really feel the need to.


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