Parallel Economy Super Heroes: Truth. Justice. American Way


What are Parallel Economy Super Heroes? Quite simply, they are super heroes that are not infected by woke ideology causing them to become annoying bastardizations of their former selves. Have you ever wondered why your favorite super hero is now newly LGBTQ-ified, or why your formerly white hero is now a different race for no apparent reason? Have you ever questioned why concepts such as masculinity and American exceptionalism are slowly being removed from the comics you once loved? If so, then you’re not alone and thankfully, you’re in luck because actual veterans of the comic book industry have decided to branch out on their own and develop some legit Parallel Economy Super Heroes.

Who is creating these Parallel Economy Super Heroes?

In a recent interview with Hollywood In Toto, a former artist with DC Comics, Gabe Eltaeb discussed why he walked away from one of the best careers a comic book artist could hope for and set out to start a new graphic novel with “heroes you can believe in”. TRUTH. JUSTICE. AMERICAN WAY is a forthcoming full color graphic novel that according to their project listing on Indiegogo, is a collaboration by David Williams (story, pencils), Gabe Eltaeb (story, script, colors), and Gary Martin (inks).

Between them, they have “nearly 90 years of mainstream comic experience including titles such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars, Nexus, Justice League, Avengers, Iron Man and many more.” Obviously they are more than qualified to take on this type of project and judging by some of the artwork they’ve already delivered, it is going to be amazing.

Parallel Economy Super Heroes Cover Art

3 cover options

The Truth Justice American Way comic comes with 3 different options for cover art. One cover for each of the three main characters.

Why you should support these Parallel Economy Super Heroes

I decided to purchase the TJAW 3 Pack, which comes with one of each cover art options. I’m not a huge comic book afficionado, but I wanted to get this for my sons so that they could have some super heroes to replace the ones that Hollywood ruined.

Unable to share excitement for Hollywood Super Heroes

One of the reasons that it is important to me to give my boys some alternatives is because I can see their disappointment when I am not capable of getting excited about the latest iteration of a Marvel or DC Comics character. It sucks because I know they want to share their excitement with me. I know they want me to go with them to watch the latest movie. I actually was the same way. I grew up with those characters and I loved them, but I’ve watched them slowly morph into woke icons, tossing things like masculinity, Americanism and morality to the curb.

It doesn’t help that the people playing the characters I grew up with are not people that I want to be role models for my sons either. I used to love The Hulk, but I can’t bring myself to enjoy watching his character be played by Mark Ruffalo. He has ruined the character for me and is not someone I want my kids to idolize.

Don’t even get me started on Captain America, either. All the characters I used to look up to as a kid have been destroyed by Hollywood. I’m so excited to see someone creating new super heroes that we can be proud of; ones that are not tainted by the stench of Hollywood. Super Heroes for the Parallel Economy.

How you can support Truth Justice American Way

If you’d like to support these Parallel Economy Super Heroes, you need to check out the Truth Justice American Way Indiegogo campaign. At the time of this writing, they already have 451 backers and have raised $29,617. As I mentioned, I bought the TJAW 3 pack for my kids. It was $65, and it comes with the following:

Truth Justice American Way 3-PACK ! Receive all 3 beautiful covers of the 64 page TJAW graphic novel, and ALL unlocked stretch goal rewards. Included Items

  • All unlocked stretch goals
  • TJAW Truth Cover
  • TJAW Justice Cover
  • TJAW American Way Cover

I thought it was a great option to support the amazing work these artists are doing. There are also some other options including signed covers, merch, sketches, and even portrait commissions. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews or any other children in your life that you would like to remain uninfected by Hollywood’s woke super heroes, you really should consider supporting the work of these amazing artists.

A quote from Gabe Eltaeb

At the end of the interview with Hollywood in Toto, Gabe made a statement that really caught my eye and gave me hope.

Life is gonna challenge all of us … we have to find the bravery and dig deep … There’s nothing to fear … we’re creating a parallel economy. We’re not stopping with one comic book.

Gabe Eltaeb

Please support the work that these patriots are doing to build the Parallel Economy. It’s a comic book now, but who knows what such talented artists will be able to do in the future? I can’t wait to find out!


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