There are many different reasons to start a Microgreen business however, there are 4 main reasons that really stand out to me. But before we go there and discuss why it’s important and how to begin, we’ll start with a little once upon a time backstory…

Before There Were Microgreens

Oftentimes, I sit back and think about my childhood growing up in Suburbia. I was born at a time when yes, technically I lived in a city. A city that was surrounded by neighborhoods and fields alike. I remember being able to walk up to the main road at the end of our street and see fruit and vegetable stands where we could purchase local produce without having to drive to the grocery store. I remember running through a cornfield to cut through from one neighborhood to mine so I could get home faster, making the farmer run out of his house angry every time we did it.

Of course, we had grocery stores and plenty of them back then, but they weren’t on every other corner like they are today. It was before the Meijer and Walmart days. Before big box store days, and before someone decided it was a fantastic idea to build shopping plazas on every inch of property they could buy up only to watch them sit vacant once chain companies failed.

I still live in that same city today

For some of us, growing up one way and watching corporate greed annihilate a way of life is disturbing. Oh, many of us were young when it started and didn’t understand the consequences of the developments at the time, but we sure do now. Having a deeper understanding of what happened, and why it happened is why I’ve been putting so much emphasis on growing the parallel economy and reclaiming a huge part of our culture that has been lost. I’ve mentioned several times between my videos and articles the importance of buying produce from local growers and farmers. Fortunately, it’s getting somewhat easier to find them again since many are turning their backs on Big Corp. and seeking a healthier lifestyle.

“I remember being able to walk up to the main road at the end of our street and see fruit and vegetable stands where we could purchase local produce…”

The History of Microgreens

Microgreens began showing up on chefs’ menus during the 1980’s and were used mainly as garnishes to give a pop of color. As time went on, they became especially known and used in gourmet cuisine. They are an innovative and unique ingredient capable of enhancing dishes beyond aesthetics by adding distinctive flavors, such as sweet or salty to spicy and sharp.

What Exactly are Microgreens?

Microgreens are young vegetable greens at a stage between sprouts and baby greens, that range in height from about 1 – 3 inches. Because the seeds have a lot of nutrients in their hulls that help them thrive until they reach a particular stage in their growth cycle, harvesting microgreens allows you to get some of those stored nutrients along with a ton of flavor. A definite win for those seeking a healthier diet.

So, You Want to Start a Microgreen Business?

The 4 Best Reasons to Start a Microgreen Business

1- Low investment cost

You can start your business with a few trays, some soil, and a few seeds and expand as you go. All the materials you need to grow a single plant can cost about two dollars.

2- Short production periods

Unlike most adult plants, the production cycle of microgreens is manageable. It takes between one and four weeks from sowing to harvest, depending on the variety. Because of this, it allows the inexperienced grower to learn and specialize within a short time period while maximizing production and efficiency.

3- It is a local business

Since this is a niche business and relatively new, there are no significant manufacturers in the market yet. Also, the product is more suited to be marketed by local growers and farmers. They would be in a better position to make contact with farmer’s markets, restaurants, and other small shops in their local communities.

4- Year-round production

Unlike most crops, microgreens can be grown anywhere, even in regions where nothing else can grow since all you need is a room that isn’t too cold and lighting that can simulate solar lighting. This is a huge advantage for anyone interested in starting a microgreen business.

How to Start a Microgreen Business

The video below walks you through a detailed step-by-step on how to start a Microgreen business on a budget. While it may seem kind of costly, remember, you can always start even smaller. There is nothing wrong with baby steps.

You can also find his free educational blog post at brabantfarms.com which is packed with information.

Consequently, the demand for these products is growing. Recent research forecasts an increasing growth of 7.5% per year for the microgreens market. This growth trend is expected to continue as more and more people continue to walk away from the Matrix to build and grow the Parallel Economy and live the Parallel Way.

“Recent research forcasts an increasing growth of 7.5% per year for the microgreens market.”

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