Mastercard Pressured Not To Process Gun-related Transactions


In a recent video from the Guns & Gadgets channel on YouTube, Jared highlights the fact that the state of Rhode Island is trying to pressure Mastercard to not process purchases for various gun-related transactions. He points out that so far Mastercard hasn’t budged in this direction, but there is no guarantee this will continue. If you are a Mastercard customer, this is something you should keep an eye on.

Kick Mastercard Out Of State Pension System

As Jared points out, the method by which they intend to exert this pressure on Mastercard is by preventing them from having any access to their $10 billion state pension program. There are various state officials pushing for this, in fact and if they are successful in Rhode Island, you can bet that this tactic will be coming to a state near you.

Mastercard No Guns Allowed
Picture shows a mockup of a Mastercard indicating that no gun purchases are allowed.

“Only For Ghost Gun Parts”

The state politicians involved in this effort are claiming that their intention is simply to prevent the proliferation of parts used to make untraceable “ghost guns”. However, if you believe that they are truly only interested in preventing the sale of parts for “ghost guns,” then you are sadly mistaken. This ploy against Mastercard is simply the latest attempt to stifle the legal sale of firearms-related purchases. Additionally, if the COVID era has taught us nothing it is that once you give a politician new powers, they will be in no great hurry to repeal those powers and, in fact, they will take every opportunity to expand them.

What they claim is simply an attempt regulate “ghost gun” parts will inevitably be applied to more and more gun and gun part transactions. As Jared points out, even the notion that they can restrict this regulation to “ghost gun” parts is laughable. How do you know if a specific trigger is meant for a “ghost gun”? What signifies a “ghost gun” barrel? The only way to really be sure that Mastercard doesn’t accidentally process a transaction that can lead to the creation of a “ghost gun” is to simply not process any transactions related to firearms.

“Unbanking” Political Enemies

In his June 2020 article, “Cashless Society Will Enable Left to Unbank Political Enemies,” Peter Roff highlighted what the real goal is. As more and more transactions are conducted with credit cards and debit cards, the left has realized that they don’t need to actually ban the firearms. They can simply regulate the processing of transactions by our monetary middlemen like Mastercard and Visa. If you don’t happen to have hundreds of dollars in cash, then you are forced to use a credit or debit card. If they won’t allow you to use that card to buy a firearm, then they have effectively prevented you from purchasing one.

This attempt to stop gun-related purchases at the point of sale comes as just another facet of a larger push to eliminate gun purchases through the unbanking of the firearms industry. As Hollie McKay pointed out in yet another June 2020 article, “US banks and financial institutions have been slowly severing ties with the gun industry.” So you see, the process of preventing gun manufacturers and gun stores from accessing bank accounts and loans has been in progress for quite some time. The logical next step is to simply prevent companies like Mastercard and Visa from allowing transactions to occur at the point of sale.

TUSC Cryptocurrency a Viable Alternative?

In a recent article about an attack on, I highlighted the fact that we are going to need to find other Parallel Economy payment processors. I pointed out that AlignPay is a company backed by Dan Bongino that is working to fill that role. I’m actually an AlignPay customer and I can say that they definitely are a good company and have helped me process payments from my clients. However, what if we could remove the banking and payment processing aspect from the purchase process entirely? Why not consider Cryptocurrency alternatives such as “The Universal Settlement Coin” known as TUSC?

As I’ve pointed out in the past, TUSC published a white paper stating that their “target customers are retailers in industries that are experiencing challenges with traditional banking systems. Some of these challenges include refusing to process payments and limiting access to credit as banks and other service providers seek to manage social policy by replacing legislators and policy makers with their own corporate policies.” How amazingly prophetic this white paper was, now that we look back on it.

TUSC is a cryptocurrency that has garnered support from many in the firearms community. I’ve actually spoken with their co-founder Rob McNealy who has informed me that they have made multiple partnerships to set up point of sale capabilities for retail sales as well. In an interview with, McNealy informed AmmoLand that “TUSC was purpose-built for the lawful firearms industry.” The more that politicians try to use the banking industry as a means of enforcing firearms regulations, the more we should look to alternatives to the banking industry in order to remove the banking system from the process entirely.


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