Google Docs Censorship | Stop Writing on this Platform Now!


Google Docs, in a move that should surprise nobody, continues Google’s censorship ways. Instead of just censoring your website from their search engines, Google will now actively censor what you’re writing as well. Google has started the rollout of their assistive writing suggestions feature for Google Docs. This feature will give you word and sentence structure suggestions, BUT it’ll also flag you if you write content that is not inclusive and in line with the woke agenda.

How Does it Work

The new writing feature will be turned on for Google Docs users on the Workspace platform (More on that in the next section). This feature will monitor your writing and give you tone, style and wording suggestions. Offending terms will be highlighted with a purple line and suggestions will be offered below the terms. 

If you use terminology that Google has deemed as offensive or non inclusive, your writing will receive a warning flag. You’ll then be presented with “suggestions” for fixing your offensive writing. Google believes this tool will help make your content more clear, dynamic and inclusive.

Purple lines highlighting terms that should be changed.

In summary, Big Brother Google wants to censor your content before you even post it! Don’t you dare have wrong think on their platform. This is just another step in their march to eliminate any dissenting voices. The idea that you have an independent thought and have the nerve to share it, is unacceptable to them. 

This level of censorship, as bad as it already is, continues to only be the tip of the iceberg. Right now, if you’re using Google Docs, those non inclusive flags won’t prevent you from writing your content. However, I can see future iterations where any non woke terminology is met with an inability to use the software until the term is removed. 

Who Does it Impact?

This new feature will only be available to Google Workspace customers on the Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus and Education Plus plans. So if you work for a company or a school that utilizes these plans, you’ll automatically see this new feature in Google Docs. If you use Google Docs for free currently, this new feature doesn’t impact you…for now. 

Google Docs Censorship

I highly recommend removing yourself from the Google ecosystem as much as possible. As we’ve seen in the past, large showcases of censorship always start with seemingly minor infractions. Although this new feature seems limited to Google Docs, it can be expanded very quickly. It’ll only be a matter of time before your Android phone is censoring your “non inclusive” text messages and calling you a bigot!

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