Are Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) a Double-edged Sword?

Central Bank Digital Currencies CBDC Digital Dollar

So, all of these World Economic Forum types are pushing for the adoption of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) aka the Digital Dollar. In fact recently the US Treasury even went so far as to recommend issuing a Digital Dollar if it is in the national interest (whatever that means). According to Glenn Beck, among others, this new Digital Dollar would be programmable to the extent that they will be able to tell you what you can and what you cannot purchase with your money. For instance, if they don’t like you buying too much ammo or guns, they can turn off your ability to do so. This could hold true for all manner of purchases. However, there’s one aspect of this that I haven’t yet heard anyone talk about. 

Glenn Beck Discusses the Digital Dollar

What happens when the Democrats lose power? Do they not understand that they will be implementing a digital weapon right before they lose the ability to wield it? Rolling out a new technology like this is likely to take a number of years. Unless they pull out all the tricks in their bag in order to win the next few election cycles, there is a very high likelihood that they will have been voted out of office by the time it is implemented.

The Democrats, and their counterparts in other countries are aware of this awakening. They can see that in countries around the world, people are waking up and moving away from liberal policies. Just look at how shocked they were to see Italy elect Giorgia Meloni as prime minister. They watched as the people of Sri Lanka chased their president out of the country and raided the presidential palace after his government brought the country to financial ruin. They saw how the Dutch farmers rose up in protest of their government’s radical climate agenda. They are implementing similar energy, farming and financial policies in our own country and crushing the life savings of millions of Americans in the process. How long do they expect to remain in power after this? What will happen with this wonderful new CBDC technology if they put it into use right before the American people give them the boot?

What would Republicans do if the Democrats handed them the keys to the Digital Dollar?

Well, we know what Democrats would do with such a powerful tool. As Glenn Beck pointed out, they would use it as a control device to enforce their political will upon those of us who don’t fall in line. But, what would the GOP do with such a tool? Sadly, history has shown us that there are relatively few situations in which the Republicans will muster the cojones to actually use power to benefit their constituents when they have such power to wield (remember how we killed Obamacare?). But it occurred to me that we could perhaps come up with some suggestions for them to use the tool against their opponents if somehow they grew a pair; the same way the tool was intended to be used against us.

How might the GOP use a CBDC against the Democrats

Disable all payments to abortion providers

How would Planned Parenthood do business if Digital Dollars were no good there?

There are a number of ways that Planned Parenthood gets money, outside of federal funding (which is ridiculous). They actually list some payment options on their website, including Insurance, Self-Pay and Reduced or No-Cost Options. And let us not forget that they have a bright blue “Donate” button on their website for all those misguided individuals who actually want to personally fund abortions. But, what would happen if the ability to transfer money to their account was blocked by tweaking some code? How would they fund their activities without access to funds?

In Canada, Trudeau’s government had to force the banks to do their dirty work for them, by freezing the assets of peacefully protesting truckers. What if the government itself had the ability to simply take that money or block it? They could quite literally cut out the middleman. What if Republicans threatened to freeze the wallets of everyone trying to send money to Planned Parenthood? Might that have a chilling effect on the abortion industry? Related question: how do federal funds get to Planned Parenthood if their wallet is blacklisted? 🤔

Disable payments to hospitals that provide “gender affirming” medications and surgeries

This is a no brainer. I recall when I was younger, that genital mutilation used to be an abhorrent thing that you’d only hear about in stories of ancient tribes or primitive cultures. Yet, today it appears to be accepted as a medical necessity by many. Hospitals are raking in money hand over fist by performing these procedures on children who aren’t legally trusted to drive a vehicle, let alone sign a contract; and yet are somehow considered competent to determine whether or not they need a permanently life altering genital amputation. Recently Matt Walsh at the Daily Wire made news by uncovering the fact that Vanderbilt University Medical Center was conducting these “treatments” and referring to them as a “big money maker”.

What if we just stopped allowing them to receive money? What if we pulled an Office Space and “fixed the glitch”?

We fixed the glitch scene from office space

Place expiration dates on woke universities’ endowments

A feature of CBDCs that doesn’t get mentioned as much as others is the ability to program it to expire if not used by a certain date. China’s digital Yuan is reported to have this capability. Why should these woke universities be allowed to amass tens of billions of dollars worth of endowments while their students are languishing in debt? Why not force them to spend it within a certain amount of time?

Even better, why not force them to spend their endowments specifically as aid to pay back students for the overpriced educations they received? If universities had to help pay student loan debts for their students whose educations weren’t sufficient to net them a job that paid well enough to pay back those loans, then they might start to focus on teaching marketable skills rather than woke ideologies.

Student Loans
Girl paying off a student loan

Require American citizenship in order to use Digital Dollars

An interesting, though frightening aspect of a Central Bank Digital Currency is the loss of privacy it engenders, but that loss is expanded when paired with a Digital ID. It was recently reported that the Gates Foundation was donating $200 million to help establish a Global Digital ID. According to the article on LifeSiteNews, the ID “system is to bring the global population to full obedience, as the globalists control everyone’s access and spending to anything and everything in life, through the use of the new CBDC (central bank digital currency) system they are building toward.”

Yet, in order to control access to and spending of a currency, the government would have to know who those people are. A digital ID provides that knowledge, and the CBDC provides the control. So, given that illegal immigration is still technically against the law, it would be hard to argue against a policy that required American citizenship (or other legal authorization i.e. VISA) to spend money in America at American businesses. No citizenship = no products or services. It might put a bit of a damper on the incentives to sneak across the border.

A picture of the border wall between Mexico and the United States
A picture of the border wall between Mexico and the United States

Place limits on the CBDC wallets of all woke billionaires

Now this seems like a proposal that even the Democrats could get behind. Did you know that a CBDC can be used to control how much money a person is allowed to have? In the video below, Agustín Carstens, general manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), spoke at a Peterson Institute for International Economics virtual event held March 31, 2021. During this event he discussed the fact that Central Bank Digital Currency wallets could have limits placed on them which could restrict the amount of CBDC currency (AKA: Digital Dollars) that a person can have and that they could spend.

In this discussion he refers to this as a means by which to limit illegal activity, but one must question whether a government that has the power to programmatically restrict the amount of money that a person can have might decide one day to restrict the wallets of individuals that they oppose politically. Additionally, if this is sold as a means to prevent criminals and terrorists from engaging in illicit commerce, one must wonder whether the current practice of labeling anyone who is of the opposing political party as a terrorist might result in them having their CBDC wallet restricted in its capacity (i.e. how much currency it can hold).

The video above is less than a minute long, but in it you will hear directly from the horse’s mouth that it is in fact possible to place limits on the amount of digital currency that an individual can hold in a CBDC wallet. That being the case, I see no reason why we shouldn’t place the same limits on the wallets of our woke billionaire elites. You know, the Bill Gates and Marc Benioff types. I think they could do a lot less political damage to our country if we placed arbitrary restrictions on the amounts of digital currency they could have and spend.

Should the GOP really use this digital weapon?

This is too much power for any party to have

Honestly, I really hope that we never get the opportunity to use this weapon. The truth is that nobody should have this amount of power. The actions I highlighted above only scratch the surface of the havoc that could be wreaked against one’s political enemies. Unlike Democrats, I like to consider the consequences of creating new and unique powers for the government to wield. However, given the GOP’s history of never wielding power offensively, and caving when Democrats do so, I can see why they would have no qualms about creating these new powers even if they lose access to them for a cycle or two.

If the Democrats actually go forward with this CBDC / Digital Dollar concept, which I have no doubt they will, I hope that the Republicans do everything in their power to kill it before it actually takes root. This thing is an abomination. CBDCs represent the paragon of surveillance and control. Central Bank Digital Currencies are a gateway for a future of Chinese-style social credit scores and they will quickly become a means of crushing any opposition protests.

If you thought that what the Canadian government did by directing the banks to freeze the assets of protesting truckers was tyrannical, imagine what the government can do when they have direct access to your digital wallets. In a CBDC, the central bank owns all of the currency. They are just giving you access to it; and limited access at that. With a system like this in place, you will see tyranny the likes of which has never existed before on this Earth. Republicans MUST do everything in their power to eliminate this CBDC concept at all costs.

A taste of their own medicine

If, however, the Democrats are able to successfully implement this new CBDC / Digital Dollar, and assuming that the GOP takes power, but is unable to get rid of it for some reason, then yes. By all means, they should give the Democrats a taste of their own disgusting medicine. They should abuse this new power so horrifically that even the Democrats realize that it shouldn’t exist. More importantly, they should use it in such a way as to convince Democrat voters to oppose this technology going forward.

They must consider the long game. Even if the Democrats lose power in the near future, they won’t likely forget this new power they created. Once they regain power they will most definitely use it against us. Our only recourse then may be to utilize this technology in such a scorched Earth manner as to make its existence so unpalatable that even the Democrats realize that it shouldn’t exist.


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