Blackout Coffee: Energizing the Parallel Economy 1 Delicious Cup at a Time


Blackout Coffee Supports America, the Second Amendment and Deployed Troops

My initial concept of the Parallel Economy involved supporting alternative tech platforms that are owned by people who support our values. Very quickly, however, I realized that there are numerous companies that may not be tech platforms, but who definitely support our values also. Blackout Coffee Co. is one such company.

They may not be a fancy new social media platform, but they do provide freedom-loving Americans with a badass cup of coffee; and when you’re shopping for coffee, would you rather spend your money at that coffee chain that charges way too much and supports leftists that want you silenced? Or would you rather spend your money with a company that supports the 2nd Amendment and donates coffee to deployed American troops? I think we both know the answer.

Blackout Coffee – Partnership with Guns & Gadgets

How do I know that Blackout Coffee supports the Second Amendment? Well, the first time I ever heard of the company was when Jared, from Guns & Gadgets announced his very own Guns & Gadgets 2A Medium Roast. Guns & Gadgets is basically one of my go to Second Amendment channels on YouTube so seeing that they had this partnership with Jared was a strong indication to me that this company truly appreciates our Second Amendment rights. Check this out:

Jared from Guns & Gadgets announces the Blackout Coffee Co. 2A Medium Roast Coffee

The Guns and Gadgets 2A Medium Roast comes in a bag, a box of single serve coffee pods, and you can even get it in a 5 LB Bulk Order.

Blackout Coffee – So Many Flavors!

Blackout Coffee sells a TON of other coffee flavors. I am going to have to feature them individually in future articles in order to cover the vast array of coffee flavors that they sell. They have their hand crafted / small batch Signature Blends, nearly 30 different flavors of Single Serve Coffee Pods, another nearly 30 different flavors of Flavored Ground Coffee bags, and their Holiday Edition flavors (since it is nearing Christmas / New Years). It’s crazy, but I’m still not done listing all the different types of coffee they have. We can’t leave out all of their Bulk Five Pound Bags, of course. There is just so much coffee to choose from!

Blackout Coffee – Gear and Apparel

As if the vast array of coffee wasn’t enough, Blackout Coffee also sells all manner of coffee-related gear including T-Shirts, Hats and Beanies, Masks and Buffs, Tumblers, Mugs, Patches and Stickers, and even Coffee and Tea Accessories. Take a look at some of the T-shirts below to get a feel for the kinds of designs they have on their gear:

Blackout Coffee T-Shirts
Blackout Coffee T-shirts

Blackout Coffee – Tactical Christmas Stockings

I swear, I have never heard of such a thing as a Tactical Christmas Stocking, but the good folks at Blackout Coffee are selling them in 4 different colors and I definitely want one for Christmas! It’s not just a stocking, but a full on Blackout Coffee Gift Set and it looks amazing (see pictures below). The stockings generally have a D-Ring clip, a decal, molle webbing and velcro. They also include various combinations of coffee, mugs, cocoa, tea, etc.

Blackout Coffee – Operation Blackout (Donate Coffee to Deployed Troops)

While creating amazing coffee flavors and supporting traditional American values are awesome, possibly the most awesome thing about this company is their Operation Blackout. This is a program whereby people who love our military (people like you) can donate coffee to units deployed overseas. I love this program because I served 10 years in the military and I would have loved to receive a gift package of delicious coffee while on deployment.

You can choose a specific unit, in case a friend or family member of yours is deployed overseas. Or, you can just be amazing and simply donate some delicious coffee to a random deployed unit. It’s a really amazing way to give back to those who are risking their lives for our freedom.

Affiliate Notice

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