Attack on Proves We Need a Parallel Economy

The story of how a company got cancelled for selling a Nobel Prize-winning medication.

Attack on SevenCells

Over the past week, has been the victim of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. They ended up having to take down pages of their website in response to this attack and institute some mitigation measures. If this was the extent of what had been through lately, you might assume this was just the normal course of doing business on the Internet. However, the scope of what is currently experiencing is decidedly abnormal and stands as a testament to why we need to build a Parallel Economy.

Why was Targeted? is a compounding pharmacy in Stuart, Florida. Recently, they began offering the ability for people to buy Ivermectin online via telehealth. Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-winning medication which has been used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. There shouldn’t have been a need for to begin online Ivermectin sales, but lately many people have found that the even if they can get a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin, a number of pharmacists have been refusing to fill that prescription. So the good folks at decided to help out. This was apparently a bridge too far, because shortly thereafter they found themselves under attack from several fronts nearly simultaneously.

What happened to

Beginning with the DDoS attack, the situation at quickly escalated. In a conversation with Timothy Cheung, Chief Medical Officer at, I discovered that not only was the victim of a cyber attack, but that they were experiencing issues with various platforms denying them the use of their services. The following is a statement that they provided to me regarding their current status.

Statement from Timothy Cheung, Chief Medical Officer at

Here at SevenCells, we’ve been under attack. Since we started offering Ivermectin, our biggest problems haven’t been getting enough stock or getting doctors to prescribe, our biggest issues have literally been the constant battle with all of the platforms necessary to get people Ivermectin and related drugs – from getting dropped from Shopify, from being banned from payment processors, to literally fighting with shipping companies, to being the recipient of cyber attacks – our commitment has never wavered and has forced us to keep evolving in order to provide this life saving drug to as many Americans as possible (and we appreciate your patience during this time). So that you can continue ordering Ivermectin, please visit

Statement from Timothy Cheung, Chief Medical Officer at

Timothy Cheung

Chief Medical Officer at

Pharm.D., CPh

Timothy Cheung Chief Medical Officer at

We’ve Seen This Chain of Events Before

The Parallel Economy as a concept was first made known to me after big tech collaborated to remove Parler from the Internet. They also did the same to Donald Trump after the events of January 6, 2020. Somewhere, someone makes the call and you lose your payment processing, hosting, web stores, email marketing, etc. Over night you may find that you’ve lost access to literally all of the platforms you used to use to conduct business on the Internet. This is what happens to those who step out of line. This is what happened to This is why we must build a Parallel Economy.

Having just written an article about AlignPay, a payment processing platform backed by Dan Bongino, I recommended that consider them for future payment processing needs. I also recommended they consider some crypto currency options such as TUSC, which is a crypto currency that gained popularity in the firearms / second amendment community. In a white paper, TUSC states that their “target customers are retailers in industries that are experiencing challenges with traditional banking systems. Some of these challenges include refusing to process payments and limiting access to credit as banks and other service providers seek to manage social policy by replacing legislators and policy makers with their own corporate policies.”

Yet, these two options are but individual columns in the structure of an online business. Others include social media accounts to reach potential customers, email marketing to reach current customers, web hosting, app stores, ad networks, etc. The cancel culture has learned that if they can knock down enough of your columns, your entire online business will come tumbling down as well. This is why we need to build our own cancel culture proof platforms in the Parallel Economy. It is a daunting undertaking, basically rebuilding all of the platforms we currently take for granted, but it is also a tremendous business opportunity.

By building a resilient Parallel Economy, we can ensure that companies like are able to continue engaging in honest, life-saving commerce, without fearing that they can have their business disrupted by people that don’t agree with the legal products they are selling, or words that they say or political opinions they profess.

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