AlignPay: How You Can Get Started Today In 10 Minutes

Payments technology engineered to cancel ‘cancel culture’

AlignPay How You Can Get Started In 10 Minutes

AlignPay is one of the multiple businesses championed by Dan Bongino in his efforts to promote the creation of a Parallel Economy. Announced as an Anti-Cancel Culture Payment Platform, AlignPay aims to become a safe haven for individuals who wish not to do business with companies like Stripe, who recently kicked President Donald Trump off their platform following the events of Jan. 6, 2020.

It’s focused on the cancel culture. So Stripe is our target here. You need to come to us, or you’re under the very real threat of being cancelled…Anyone who’s going to engage in any of this cancel culture totalitarianism, we’re going to expose and offer our services to the people you cancel…

Dan Bongino

In this article we will be reviewing the process for getting started on AlignPay. I actually have found myself in need of the ability to invoice some clients recently, so I’ll be walking through the startup process using myself as an example for you to learn from. Let’s get started!

AlignPay – Click the Red Button

I’m sure this goes without saying, but in case you weren’t aware, the red “pill” shaped thing on the home page is actually a button. You need to click it to start this process. However, if you’d like to go straight to the Get Started page, just click this link.

AlignPay - Click the red "Get Started Today" button
Click the Red Button to navigate to the Get Started page.

AlignPay – Enter Your Business Information

Basic Contact Information

The first page of information that you have to submit is some basic contact information. You will have to have the following information on hand:

  • Your Email
  • Your Name
  • Business Name
  • Legal Name
  • Phone Number
  • Gross Annual Credit Card Sales Volume
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Entity Type (i.e. sole proprietorship, LLC, etc)
  • State of Formation

Entering all of this information took me approximately 2 minutes.

Here is a screenshot of the basic contact information page:

Business Tax Profile

The next page that you will have to fill out includes a bit more detailed information. You may need to dig up some business records if you have any in order to fill some of this out. You will have to have the following information on hand:

  • Tax Filing Name
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN or SSN)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Ownership (%)
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Phone
  • Home Address
  • Home City
  • Home State
  • Home ZIP
  • Business Start Date
  • Products & Services Sold
  • Where do the majority of your credit card transactions occur?
  • Business Description
  • Annual VISA/MC Volume
  • Annual Amex Volume
  • Highest Ticket Amount
  • Annual Discover Network Volume
  • Average Ticket (MC/Visa/Discover/PayPal Ticket)
  • Average Amex Ticket

Entering all of this took me about 4 minutes. However, I have to admit here that since the services I want to invoice for aren’t part of an established business, I basically had to guess on these figures. I do some web development work on the side and am looking for a way to invoice clients, so I figured I would try to put my money where my mouth is and use a business that supports my values. So, I’m really hoping AlignPay will be able to meet this need.

The text boxes on this page actually do tell you that if you don’t know the actual numbers, you can guess. That’s what I ended up having to do and it seems to have worked just fine. Below is a screenshot of the Business Tax Profile page:

AlignPay – Submitted Page

Click Register

Once you enter all of your information and click the orange “Register” button, you will be taken to a page that says that your information has been submitted. It also mentions that an email will be sent to you which will outline the onboarding process. Finally, it mentions that you will have to respond to the email with the “information requested” and that they will get you onboarded right away.

AlignPay – Email Received

Shortly after you click the orange “Register” button, you will actually receive an email. In my case, it showed up almost immediately. However, one issue that I noticed was that the email that I received didn’t actually have any “information requested” in it. I thought I was going to have to respond with some kind of information, but the email basically just thanks you for your interest in AlignPay and informs you that someone from their team is going to contact you.

This is just a minor inconsistency, and perhaps this is not the email that was referenced before and instead is simply an email confirming that they have my information. I might be contacted in the future with an email that actually does have some requested information for me to provide, so I’ll give this a pass.

AlignPay – Secondary Email Received

I think there was somewhat of a mixup between AlignPay and my email account. I ended up not getting a follow up email from AlignPay until a few days after I submitted my information. I contacted their support line and they said that the information had been sent, but I did not find it in my email. Either way, eventually it did make its way to my inbox. Below is the email I received (I removed my personal information from it).

AlignPay Merchant Application

The next step in the setup process is to click the link in the onboarding email they send you and start filling out all the required information. This is all done electronically, so it is pretty easy to fill out. Once you click the link, you’ll see a screen similar the one depicted in the screenshot below. The only major difference is that it will be populated with your information. I have removed my personal information from this screenshot.

There are actually multiple pages that you will have to fill out. This is just one of those pages. However, there are a few things you may want to have prepared prior to starting this process. Here’s a couple of Pro Tips to get you prepared for success:

Pro Tip: Have a copy of your Driver’s License

You are going to have to attach a digital copy of your driver’s license to this application. I recommend that before you begin filling out this document, you take a moment to either scan, or take a photo of your driver’s license so that you will have it available for upload from your computer.

Pro Tip: You have to submit a Voided Check

I don’t know about you, but I don’t use checks anymore. This is a bit of an issue for me because I can’t add the account that I wanted to add due to my lack of paper checks. So, I’ll have to send all my money to my wife, I guess, since she actually uses paper checks. Either way, make sure you have a checking account with checks so that you can submit a Voided Check. You’ll either need to take a picture of the Voided Check, or scan it with your scanner. Like your Driver’s License, you can upload it directly to the Merchant Application.

AlignPay Merchant Application Completed Email

In all it took me about 4 minutes to fill out the Merchant Application, due to all of my information being already populated. Basically, I just reviewed the information that was already there, attached a picture of my Driver’s License and a scanned picture of a Voided Check, added a few digital initials and digital signatures and hit submit. Shortly afterward, I received the email you’ll see below informing me that my application has been completed. There does appear to be a note informing me to send a copy of a Voided Check, but since I attached one to the application, I just ignored this.

At this point, my Merchant Application is now complete. I am simply standing by for the final processing of my application and login information. In all, not counting the time I spent taking notes to include as Pro Tips, taking screenshots for inclusion in this article and also not including the time in between forms being submitted and emails being received, I spent approximately 10 minutes actually applying for a Merchant Account from AlignPay.

Hopefully this guide will help you get up and running on AlignPay! Feel free to comment if your experience was similar to mine.


    • Jeffrey, thanks for the comment! One thing you should keep in mind is that Dan Bongino recently announced a brand new payment processing company. I wrote an article about this company and you can find it right here: Hopefully this response gets to you in time. I wouldn’t want you to sign up for one service only to have to sign up for another. Dan said that there is no ill will between him and AlignPay, but that he wanted to start his own company with a partner that could help it grow the way he wanted to. I hope this response helps!

      • Hi Noah
        If what you state here is as you say, why it is not presented here as an alternative?
        In any event I will check your article and I hope it is more “friendly” than the so intrusive Align forms.

      • Hi again Noah,
        I checked your article. I do not see much difference with AlignPay. Also, if one associates oneself with lefties you are doomed and there is nothing Parallel or alternative to it.>>>>>My opinion.
        I think all this plan is a good start but needs some polishing >>>>>stay away from libnuts >>>they want your destruction.

    • Toni, thanks for your comment. I don’t think it really replaces PayPal from the consumer’s perspective. I actually do use AlignPay and for me it replaces PayPal from the business perspective. I can use it to bill my clients. If you’re just looking for an alternative way to send money that is not PayPal, this isn’t it.

  1. Just an FYI. Even for people who don’t write checks ( like myself also) you can go to your local bank or credit union and ask for a single page of checks. My credit union charged me $4 for this and for me it was worth it.

  2. Does Align Pay offers an account for individuals? Retired people with no business that would like to sell stuff such as collectibles, books, etc? Taxes, if any, will be paid.
    Does Align Pay offers an APP for desktop?

    • I’m actually an individual. I do some web design work for small businesses as a side gig. I was able to get an account on AlignPay and have been a customer for about a year now. I am unsure if AlignPay has an APP for desktop. I do all my work with AlignPay through web interfaces. Also, the work I do with AlingPay isn’t associated with a business. It’s just me as a private individual doing web design / development for others. They didn’t have a problem with that. I would assume that you could get set up as well. You can send out invoices and people just pay through your online portal. I’m sure if you contacted them, they could get you more detailed info, but that’s my experience with AlignPay. I think it’s great and recommend it.

  3. Hi Noah, you wrote this article in back in 2021. Do you have an update on your experience with Align Pay? What have you liked and/or disliked?

    • Cristos, thank you for your question! Actually, I am still using Align Pay. It has been working just fine for me. I am able to bill my clients. I can easily create invoices. To be honest, though, there are way more capabilities than I ever need. There’s a super simple invoicing tool that I use and I basically don’t use much else. My funds show up within a reasonable amount of time and I go on about my business. Anyway, I hope this answered your question. God bless!


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