5 Patriotic Payment Alternatives for Ecommerce

Today’s companies have a disturbing trend of growing more and more woke. The trend seems as if it will get worse before it gets better. One such place where the woke trends are growing is the world of ecommerce. Those of you looking to sell anything from services to t-shirts on your site may be at risk of getting your items removed (as Stephen Crowder did) or donating a percentage of your sales to the companies who stand against what you stand for. To help out, we will show you 5 patriotic payment alternatives for ecommerce. 

1. Parallel Economy

Those of you who regularly listen to the Dan Bongino Show on Rumble know that he hates feeding the beasts who hate him. This is one of the many reasons he created this payment alternative platform. In addition to being able to sell whatever you want, the  service also offers:

  • Simplified pricing with a flat rate on each sale and monthly rate. 
  • Streamlined with one account having your sign up, settings, and account management with all your sales, invoices, and much more.
  • Next day funding to get your funds as quickly as possible.
  • A white glove service with excellent tech support.

If you’re in need of a payment processing solution, Parallel Economy is definitely a great option.

2. Align Pay

Prior to launching his own digital payment platform, Parallel Economy, Dan Bongino was partnered with Align Pay. This payment service mimics the Square and PayPal options that are built for mobile. They accept the standard credit and debit card payments, as well as ACH. Additionally, they also offer encryption and recurring donations for those who want to move funds without anyone sticking their nose into your financial business. They support free speech and have programs for everyone from the trades to non-profits and retail sales.

3. 2nd Amendment Processing

This veteran owned and operated business offers credit card processing, point of sale services, mobile payments, PayFac-as-a-Service for B2Bs, and of course, ecommerce. They have competitive rates, a transparent rate structure, and a cancellation policy that makes you feel comfortable giving them a try. Check out 2nd Amendment Processing today.

4. Gab Pay

The social media alternative already has its own market place where you can buy or sell as needed. The app stands out because it allows you to buy and sell from other users directly at one low rate. It is a perfect choice for those looking to sell to their followers. Best of all, they only have a small transaction fee for each purchase. However, GabPay is still currently in the beta phase and only available in the United States.

5. GETTR Pay

They are another social media platform looking to get into the Ecommerce business. Nothing definitive has been outlined yet, but we anticipate the service will be similar to the above and allow users to transact with each other without fear of censorship, high fees, or big brother looking over your shoulder. GETTR’s CEO, Jason Miller announced GETTR Pay on The John Fredericks Show and it is supposed to be available by the middle of 2022.

More on 5 Patriotic Alternatives for Ecommerce

Those of you who do business and take payments over the web may be looking to move to another alternative sooner rather than later. The benefits clearly outweigh the worst case scenario and are a great way of telling woke companies that you will not help them tear down what you believe in. If you need help getting your ecommerce site moved over to one of these or other alternative platforms, feel free to contact us at MPP Freelance to learn more about how we can do to help make the transition as seamless as possible.


  1. Hello,

    I am a regular visitor to Dan’s Rumble radio show, I watch it every day including “unfiltered” LOVE IT!!

    Dan’s advertises a mortgage company with the name America in it, could you please give me the website.

    Thank you,


  2. With the news that just broke that Visa, MC and Amex have gone woke and fascist, is there any card processor we can turn to so our 2A rights aren’t smashed to pieces?

    • Good question! We just heard about that, too. I would recommend choosing one of these alternatives that lets you use your own funds rather than go through a credit card.

    • This is a great question. I wish there were more alternatives out there for consumers. My only real consumer-facing credit card alternative is Bitcoin. The downside, however, is that it’s not accepted in as many places as we need it. The upside is that it is not controlled by our federal government. In my opinion, the real parallel economy is an entirely new currency.

  3. The only problem I see is all of these alternatives are for businesses, they need to be accepted by a business to be of any use to us. I am looking for a paypal alternative for my online shopping but there doesn’t seem to be one, none of the places I shop at accept anything listed here.

  4. I’m a consumer like some of the above and would also be interested in an alternative way to process payment as a consumer…. let us know, maybe through Bongino, when a more widely accepted system is available…???? Thanx

  5. You have to take away the ability of fakebook to follow you just by entering an email to subscribe to this page >>>>>WTF. If we are trying to build a Parallel (whatever) we should start by building a parallel web. Most of the “alternative sites” such as Gettr, Parler, etc. rely on Apple and Google for their APPS. Who owns the servers? Amazon? Microsoft? China?
    The same goes for payments! If you are not completely independent of the BIG banks, we are not going to succeed.
    And >>>>check VISA and MASTERCARD. Don’t they work with most of the banks? THE BIG BANKS? The “BIG BANK” can order Visa or MasterCard to stop doing business with you and that is it. No? Ask the gun industry and the oil industry and ________fill in the blanks.
    Oh, you build your own payment service? sure; what bank do you plan to use?
    Look what happened to Mike Lindell and the big boxes. He also got de-banked.
    Mike Lindell had to built his Platform that includes 3 TV Channels, News system. commerce system, and has his own servers. Still, he has to rely on Apple and Google for his apps.
    I am all for building a “parallel economy” but we have to start at the beginning. We are taking this endeavor from the middle and it is not going to work
    For parallel economy we need: parallel web > e-commerce, > own bank or banks, > own payment system credit card and or a system a la PayPal.
    See you in the next chapter ……………or not.

    • Alfonso, I agree with literally everything you just posted. Personally, I think that the Parallel Economy actually needs a Parallel Currency altogether. I am hoping that Bitcoin might take that role, but also looking to other Altcoins and lately I have been checking out something called Carbon12. Carbon12 markets itself as the Cryptocurrency for Christians. I’ve met some of the founders and they are really nice people and they have an amazing mission to build a cryptocurrency and parallel economy to expand the Kingdom. Obviously, do your own research, but I went ahead and got in on the presale and I think it’s still going on. But, that’s totally up to you. Anyway, you’re correct. Every time someone sets up a service that operates in the middle, the commies just move one step back and cut us off at that point instead. I am hoping that one day we’ll not only have our own payment processors, but also our own currency, our own web hosting, our own ISPs, our own cell towers, and our own cell phones with our own app stores. You’re totally right that we need to build everything from the edge to the fiber optics, to the towers and servers, but we do have to start somewhere. Dan Bongino started at payment processing. Hopefully some other patriot gets passed the baton and moves on to the next step, over and over until we’ve completely rooted these commies out of our lives. But for now, we have to take what we can get.

      Thank you for all your comments, by the way! I did read them. If I had money like Dan Bongino does, I might even start building some of these services myself. Maybe one day, but for now, I’ll just write about the entrepreneurs who are building the Parallel Economy.

      God bless,



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