5 Parallel Economy Small Businesses On Truth Social

5 Parallel Economy Small Businesses on TRUTH Social

In this second feature of my partnership with Rebekah Polder from The Handcrafted Home (check out the first one here), I am featuring 5 new Parallel Economy Small Businesses that Rebekah highlighted on her TRUTH Social account, SupportSmallAmericanBusinesses. If you’d like to see these highlights as soon as she posts them, make sure to head over to TRUTH and follow her.

Parallel Economy Small Businesses List

Amelia Polder Art

Amelia Polder Art is a small business located in Virginia. Amelia is a self-taught artist that creates beautiful and unique original art using acrylics, watercolors, and oils. She sells original paintings, fine art prints, handmade journals, and postcards. You can purchase her work through her Made By Her shop here:


Follow Amelia’s TRUTH account here: @amelia_polder_art


MOONBIRD is a small business located in southeast Tennessee. All of her designs are exclusive and she makes her own line of clothing and bags. She also sells beautiful things made of natural fibers by other small makers. Shop her work here:


Follow their TRUTH account: @moonbird

Cast Iron Waffles

Cast Iron Waffles is a small family business in North Carolina. Chris & Krista specialize in Authentic Belgian Liege Waffles and Premium Coffee & Espresso. They’ve been serving the Charlotte area since 2010. Their waffles are made from a Brioche style dough infused with Pearl Sugar. They are firm believers in freedom & the entrepreneurial spirit that built America. Shop here:


Follow Chris on TRUTH: @chrisduggan

Stonewood Designs

Stonewood Designs is a small business located in New York. Todd & Tracy are custom knifemakers. Their knives are handcrafted, making each one unique. They also make pendants, lanyard beads, and braided leather lanyards. Shop their beautiful workmanship on their website here:


Follow them on TRUTH: @StonewoodDesigns

Pike Creative Services

Pike Creative Services is a small business located in Georgia. They do custom apparel decoration for businesses, clubs, churches, schools, civic organizations, sports teams, etc. Nationwide shipping. For more information visit their website:


Follow Timothy on TRUTH: @PTimothyPike

These Parallel Economy Small Businesses were Contributed by:

Rebekah Polder of The Handcrafted Home

Follow her on TRUTH: @rebekahjpolder


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing about my artwork along with these other wonderful businesses! I really like the looks of Cast Iron Waffles coffee.


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