4 Great Options to Find Lawyers for Vaccine Mandate Cases

Lawyers for Vaccine Mandate Cases

The ability to find lawyers for vaccine mandate cases has proven sadly difficult since the beginning of this pandemic. Just like the doctors in this country, very few lawyers have been willing to put their careers on the line to take up cases against the administration currently in power. Unfortunately, this has left many patriots without a lawyer for vaccine mandate cases and other similar cases concerning medical and religious exemptions and inability to access medications that were previously considered uncontroversial and in some cases award winning and even life saving.

This inability of patriotic, constitution-loving Americans, military members, first responders, pilots and others to find lawyers for vaccine mandate cases is a prime example of why we need to establish a parallel economy. It is unconscionable that in a country whose Sixth Amendment guarantees our right “to have the assistance of counsel,” that we find ourselves with so few lawyers for vaccine mandate cases when we need them so desperately. So, just like I created a list of Alternative Medical Sources for COVID Treatment Information, I decided to create a list of lawyers for vaccine mandate cases.

First Lawyers for Vaccine Mandate Cases

We The Patriots USA

I wanted to feature We The Patriots USA first because I think that Brian Festa of We the Patriots has proven himself to be a tremendous lawyer for vaccine mandate cases and other related cases. I want to specifically highlight his organization’s representation of Bill Salier, a retired Marine who recently caught COVID and nearly died due to this administration’s rationing and outright banning of alternative medications. Despite having a legitimate prescription for Ivermectin, this Marine was unable to get his prescription filled at a Walmart pharmacy and ended up getting to the point where he had to choose to either die of COVID, or take the Ivermectin intended for farm animals, which the FDA so callously joked about back in late August, 2021.

While I am sure the folks running the FDA twitter account thought this was the height of hilarity, how sad is it that a retired United States Marine was forced to literally take actual horse medications because his own government is rationing Monoclonal Antibodies which are approved and effective treatments for COVID? And how sad is it that this government is using sycophantic little pharmaceutical tyrants like the ones at this Walmart pharmacy in Minnesota to outright ban this patriot from accessing Ivermectin, which in the end actually saved Bill’s life? Indeed, how sad is it that, as the FDA mentioned, a decorated Marine was reduced to taking medicine for livestock in order to save his life? Thank God for We The Patriots USA for stepping up and taking on this U.S. Marine’s Lawsuit Against Walmart.

How to donate to this lawyer for vaccine mandate cases

If you want to support lawyers for vaccine mandate cases, consider donating to this one. You can do so by visiting their donation page. They are looking for One-Time Donations as well as Monthly Recurring Donations. Also, We The Patriots USA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Second Lawyers for Vaccine Mandate Cases

Stand With Warriors

As a U.S. Navy Veteran, I thought it best to include Stand With Warriors as the second in our list of lawyers for vaccine mandate cases. Recently, Jeff Durbin, speaking on behalf of StandWithWarriors.org has been speaking out on behalf of the U.S. Navy Seals and other servicemembers who are facing dire consequences for refusing to get vaccinated or are requesting exemptions. According to an interview with Just The News, these individuals are being faced with losing their ability to deploy, and even potentially being forced to pay back all funds spent in training them which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not anti-vaccine

According to their website, Stand With Warriors is not anti-vaccine, but rather, they are “dedicated to ensuring our military member’s legal and constitutional rights are not ignored by arbitrary deadlines and bureaucratic policies that ignore the importance of natural immunity, individual health concerns, or religious beliefs.”

How to get help

Stand With Warriors has a page with a form you can fill out in order to get help. They state that they will respond within 24 hours. You can find that page here: https://standwithwarriors.org/let-us-help-you/.


If you’d like to support active duty military members who are attempting to request exemptions from vaccine mandates, you can donate to Stand with Warriors with a one-time or recurring donation by visiting their donation page: https://app.dimegiving.com/stand-with-warriors/guest/donations/new.

Third Lawyers for Vaccine Mandate Cases

Renz Law

On episode 971 of the Conservative Review Podcast with host Daniel Horowitz, Thomas Renz of Renz Law, joined Daniel to talk about vaccine mandates, religious exemptions, various cases that Mr. Renz is representing related to vaccine mandates, and the issue of standing in today’s legal environment among other things. He also mentioned that he is building a team of lawyers for vaccine mandate cases and that any lawyer who is interested in joining the fight can do so by visiting their Join The Fight page.


To see what services Renz Law provides, you can visit their Services page. They mention that they are deeply involved in the medical freedom issue, having “joined with various non-profit citizens rights groups to fight shutdowns, vaccine and mask mandates, falsified data & death rates, and social media censorship.” To find out more information, they direct you to their Contact page, and there is also an email address listed: renzlawllc@gmail.com.


In order to donate to Renz Law, you’ll need to visit their page For God Family Country. They have a lot of information on that page as well as a Donate button which pulls up a form which you can enter your information into to submit a donation.

Thomas Renz, one of our list of lawyers for vaccine mandate cases, speaking at Reawaken America about whistleblowers, coverups and new data regarding detrimental impacts of COVID-19 vaccines.

Fourth Lawyers for Vaccine Mandate Cases

Alliance Defending Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has long been a sponsor on conservative podcasts, so many people will already have heard of them. According to their website, some of the major issues that they champion include the sanctity of life, religious freedom, freedom of speech, marriage and parental rights. Alliance Defending Freedom created this page with information about religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

Honestly, one of the reasons that I added ADF last is because this vaccine mandate informational page makes it sound as though getting a religious exemption is something that must be specifically encouraged by your religion. They do not appear to place much emphasis on your personal firmly held beliefs, as though your personal relationship with your God is less important than your church’s opinion.

How to request help

However, their website does say that “If you believe you have a bona fide religious objection to a COVID-19 vaccine required by your employer or your child’s school, you can submit a request for legal assistance or call 800-835-5233.” Additionally, on their page for requesting legal help, they have a disclaimer saying that they currently have a high volume of COVID-19 related inquiries, so it does appear that many people have sought ADF out as lawyers for vaccine mandate cases already, so if you are looking for a lawyer for vaccine mandates, you might be in luck.

Do You Know Any Other Lawyers for Vaccine Mandate Cases?

If you know of or represent any other law office that is willing to take on vaccine mandate cases, please let us know in the comments. Please include links to their websites and any contact information you can share so that others can find a lawyer for vaccine mandate cases. Thank you!



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