270 Doctors Tell Spotify To Censor Joe Rogan – Will They Do It?


In an open letter to Spotify, 270 Doctors, scientists, and others called on Spotify to censor Joe Rogan. Rogan has an exclusive contract with Spotify to host his Joe Rogan Experience show. The individuals calling for this censorship claim that Joe Rogan has been spreading “misinformation” on his show and that it is dangerous. They specifically referenced show #1757, in which he hosted Dr. Robert Malone.

“270 Doctors” Is Misleading

In articles from many news outlets, the individuals who signed the open letter to Spotify are referred to as “270 Doctors.” However, upon closer inspection, it turns out that many of these so-called “270 Doctors” are not doctors at all. The list of signatories is riddled with PhD candidates, Masters Students, Nurses, Podcasters and even a few Veterinarians. Here is just a small sample of the so-called 270 Doctors that signed this open letter to Spotify:

These are some of the 270 Doctors that signed the open letter to Spotify
These are some of the “270 Doctors” that signed the open letter to Spotify

Go Ahead And Do It

As I mentioned in my article about the Marjorie Taylor Greene Twitter Ban, I think Spotify should go ahead and censor Joe Rogan. Not because I think he should be censored, but because I want him to move his show over to a Parallel Economy platform like Rumble. The more they try to silence people like Joe Rogan, the more their followers will be forced to seek them out on free speech platforms. Speaking of Rumble, I set up a new Parallel Economies account on Rumble. Please consider following me over there.

Watch This Video On Rumble

If you’d prefer to watch this video on Rumble, you can do so by clicking on this link.

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  1. A lot of Doctors and Scientists have sold there weak souls to corperation`s and have become in my eyes The Scum of the Earth they always show there true colours when they request to censor other`s because they dare to question, to ask, to think independantly.

    Thank you to those Doctor`s and Scientist`s who do not sell there soul and still question and do not take the Bribe Money from Corperation`s.


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